The Four Unrecoverable Things


6 thoughts on “The Four Unrecoverable Things

  1. Been there…

    And then you are left with what could have been?

    No way to say I am sorry.

    The words you can’t take back. Sometimes even if you can say your sorry to the person the words still hang there, like a dark cloud over your head.

    I need to remember to forgive myself in these times, as sometimes I hold onto things for way longer than the other person prolly did. And they have moved on but I am still there hurting myself for refusing to forgive myself.

    Peace and blessings upon you girlfriend,


  2. For Children’s Time at church one Sunday, I did an experiement with the children. I had one squeeze toothpaste out onto a piece of paper. I told another child to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Of course some of it he got in, but there was still a trail of toothpaste that he couldn’t get into the tube. Moral of the story: words can’t be taken back…even if you apologize for them.

    But yes…you must learn to forgive yourself for the simple fact that we are not perfect and we make some pretty stupid mistakes. If He forgives us, shouldn’t we be able to forgive ourselves?

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