The World Does Not Revolve Around Me

But my world does. This isn’t arrogance speaking — just cold, hard facts.

Take for example earlier this week when I was on my death bed. Did laundry get done? No. Did dishes get done? No. Did the cats get fed? No. (In fact, I could win Cat Mom of the Year because I almost starved all five cats to death. I meant to buy more food before I fell to my death bed. I really did. And since the kids can’t drive and the store isn’t close enough, they starved. But luckily, not to death. They were pretty hungry, though. Did you know that cats, when they are hungry enough, will eat saltine crackers? True story.)

Most families, when the matriarch is sick, would pitch in and do chores, make dinner, basically be a fill-in until Mom got better. Not my family. My family makes sure that the matriarch doesn’t actually die. They cater to her every whim. They bring her tea and reheat her tea as many times as she requests. They bring her toast and read to her in bed.

All things considered, it could be much, much worse.


One thought on “The World Does Not Revolve Around Me

  1. I have no idea if I should laugh, cry or commiserate (sp?) with you. I certaintly can understand..why is that Moms do not get a day off? Hmm..interesting thought..Hope you feel better.

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