I Got Sidetracked This Morning

It’s so easy to do, actually. You begin your day with a mug of coffee and then sit down to check your email. You notice that you have a comment on your blog, so you check it out. While you’re there, you check out that person’s blog. Since you’re checking blogs, you check your other friend’s blogs. Then you get caught up in reading comments.

Ah, the comments. This is where the gravy truly lies in a blog. This is where your blog goes beyond you and becomes so much more.

And this is where I get distracted.

I was on a friend’s photo blog, checking out her-world-in-pictures. I go to comment and notice that a friend of hers (who also has a photo blog) has fixed a picture for her. Wasn’t that sweet? What’s really sweet is that her friend did it online – for free! (Yes, she did it for her friend for free, but the photo editing program she used was free online)

So, of course I had to go check it out: Picnik

This program was made for people like me — people who can’t take pictures and whose photos are in serious need of editing. (Okay, so, people who do take really good pictures can use this, too. But for those of us who haven’t quite figured out Paint Shop Pro, this program is for us.)

I was able — without registering — to use one of their photos to play and upload it to my Picasa Web Album (or Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, MySpace…) for free.

The fact that they offer such a great service is awesome. The fact that they offer it for free – more awesome-er.

Just check out what I did with one of their photos:



Pretty nifty, huh? I played around with every setting I could find, but I eventually settled for this – crop, tilt, colored only the face of the clock and left everything else black and white and then added text.

Thanks to picnik, I can look like a photo genius.


4 thoughts on “I Got Sidetracked This Morning

  1. Awesome work. We have the same friends. lol (wink, wink)–TYVM for the link, I had no idea that site existed.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about Pinik!!!!I came across it a few months ago….Love it by the way!!!

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