Spring Break!

It’s been a loong time coming, but Spring Break is finally here!

We kicked off the celebration Saturday at church with an Easter Egg hunt.  It was just Baby Gurl and I as The Boy chose to stay home with The Man Beast and clean out the refrigerator.  He’s too old for an Easter Egg hunts.

Blog Worthy 037

Baby Gurl showing off her awesome face painting.

Blog Worthy 046

Baby Gurl sliding down the slide.  She attempted to play with the other kids at the beginning but the boys were too rambunctious for her.   She waited until it was just the girls playing and she tried again.

Blog Worthy 042

We keep it real at the YoYo:  Baby Gurl on the bouncy with the little kids.

While I went up to the counter to get our grindage, I gave Baby Gurl my camera and told her to take some pictures.  This is what she came up with:

Blog Worthy 051

This is her Easter basket that we picked up at the last minute from the Dollar General.  (Last year, we had to use a WalMart back because Mom forgot the basket.)

Blog Worthy 056

Baby Gurl:  A Self Portrait

Blog Worthy 050

The center piece.  See that red candy egg on the far right side?  I took it when it was time to leave and ate it.  Oh.  My.  Gosh!  Have they always been so sweet?!?!

Blog Worthy 052

This is one of my favorites.  We took one of those balloons home.  I believe it was purple.  No sooner did we walk into the house than Baby Gurl wanted to untied the balloon and deflate it.  Have you ever untied a balloon?   Yeah?  Come untie ours, then.

It was a fantabulous day – just the Gurl and I.

If the weather cooperates, I hope to take both kids to the beach later this week.  Stay tuned for more pictures!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ok, Baby Gurl is not going to be happy with the snotty nose picture in about 5 years when she starts noticing boys! You’ve got blackmail material leverage here. [lol]
    Love this new format. It’s so pretty. :o)


    • Oh Sparky, don’t you know? I have Baby Gurl convinced that she’s not going to date until she’s 18. She’s not even interested in boys at the moment. Let’s keep it that way, huh? 😉


  2. Awesome!!! Blessings


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