I’m Phasing Out WalMart (but not for the reasons you think)

Rest assured, this isn’t going to be a Bash WalMart post.   I’ve seen them all over the blogosphere and I know all the reasons to bash the Price-Slashing Giant.  I get it.  But I also know that the Corporate Giant has provided a roof over my MIL’s head (as well Bean Pole’s, Monster Mama’s and now Jelly Bean’s) for the past nine years.

Still, I’m phasing out WalMart – just not for the reasons you think.

WalMart is too good at providing too many products. For the past two weeks, I’ve done a bit of experimenting with my weekly grocery shopping.  My budget for the week is between $100 and $150, depending on how many non-food items I need.  For the past few times I’ve gone WalMart shopping, I’ve gone over budget.

Why?  Did I stick to a list?

No.  I was there to go grocery shopping and got side tracked.  Call it self-diagnosed Adult ADD.  Too much eye candy=too much spending, for me.  You might be different.  Kudos.

So, instead of going to WalMart lately, I’ve been going to Kroger (the most expensive grocery store in my city-town).

Why go to the most expensive store in town when you’re trying to save money?

1.  Kroger only sells food. Okay, so they sell other stuff, too but not WalMart other stuff.  When I go to Kroger, I am in the mindset that I am going grocery shopping.  I stick to my list (but am always keeping an eye out for those Manager’s Specials tags).  Just call it setting myself up for success.

2. Kroger doubles coupons. My Kroger doubles coupons up to .50.  When I combine this with a sale, I can save more than even with WalMart generics.

3. Kroger has kickbacks. My Kroger has a gas station out in front.  It rivals the Murphy USA station at WalMart.  Like WalMart, it gives a 3 cent discount to card carrying members.  But unlike WalMart, I can earn more.  Every time I earn 100 points, I receive 10 cents off a gallon at the Kroger gas station.  I, personally, earn points two ways: shopping at the store for groceries and filling my monthly prescriptions.  After spending $100, I earn 100 points.  I receive 50 points for each qualifying prescription refill.

4. Kroger is closer. Okay, so it doesn’t really sound like a good reason to drop WalMart but let’s face facts:  sometimes, time is money.  Last week, I went grocery shopping (by myself – yay) and was home within an hour.  I never realized how long I was staying gone (an average of 2 hours a week) until the Man Beast looked at me as I entered the house and in total shock said, “Home already?!?”

5. Kroger is less crowded. Kroger gets business.  Lots of business.  But somehow, it doesn’t seem as crowded as WalMart.  Maybe because there is less square footage?

6. Kroger’s customer service is nicer. Since I said this was not going to be a bashing post, I’ll leave this one here.  But perhaps Kroger has more time to be nicer because they have less going on?  I’m just sayin’…

7. Kroger has good meats and produce.

8. Kroger has been seriously slashing their prices lately.  In an effort to compete with WalMart (they’re only true competitive in my opinion), Kroger keeps a close eye on WalMart’s price drops.  If milk drops at WalMart, it drops at Kroger.  Today, I paid $1.99 for a gallon of milk.  I haven’t gotten it this cheap in a long time.

By the time I factor in the fact that Kroger provides just food, is closer, doubles coupons and provides kick-backs to it’s customers, for me, Kroger is a just a better choice for my grocery shopping needs. I don’t slight the store for being what it is – really,  I don’t.  Kroger just works better for me.

Are you sticking to WalMart for lower prices or are you taking advantage of your local grocery store’s perks? Tell us about it in the comments!


9 responses to this post.

  1. $1.99 for nilk? UNHEARD! NOT HERE, dear friend, it is $3 something. Yeah, I understand your sentiments about Walmart. Since we have been Angel Food’ing it, our bill is way down, numerous reasons for not going to Wallyworld, one being we are a 1/2 drive from “town.” GOOD FOR YOU! I actually prefer Publix, we don’t have a Kroger here, wish we did. Blessings


    • Milk averages around $2.58 here. $1.99 was a really good deal – and it wasn’t expiring soon, either! When we lived closer to MIL, we had a Publix (where shopping is a pleasure 🙂 ). I really enjoyed shopping there. It was calm. Clean. Quiet. Simply wonderful…


  2. We dropped Wal-Mart awhile back too for the same reasons: too much eye-candy and too many unwashed tattooed crowds. We shop at the same Kroger.
    You outta try shopping at Kroger on Wednesday morning … NOT!! It’s crowded with us Old Folks moving at a s-n-a-i-l-s pace. UGH! But on Wednesday we get Senior Citizens discount of 10% off plus all our coupons, it’s darn near free. Well, Sweetie gets the discount. I’m not old enough to go alone yet. And, like you, we get the 10 cents off per gallon of gas at Kroger. Wahoo! $$ :o)


    • If you’re looking for clothes, go to the Bealle’s Outlet on Monday. They give the over 49 crowd a discount. (You’ll find me there on Fridays for the same reason…but with the under 49 crowd).


  3. After working at Walmart for 3 years, it’s hard for me to shop at a grocery store. I KNOW Walmarts prices and layout. That said, these days I’m more of a SuperTarget girl because it’s closer and comparable to Walmart on grocery items. I then go to Walmart about once a month to buy toiletries. Of course, they’re both bad if you struggle with impulse buys, but I really don’t. I’m an in-and-out girl.


  4. […] think any of us can see ourselves in the above poem – mom or not!  (Well, except for Ronnica cuz she’s an in and out kind of gal.  I should take […]


  5. Posted by Mom on May 7, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Maybe we all need to take lessons from you. Seems like you have done your research. Maybe I will check out your theory..we dont have Krogers, but we have other stores that…like you say..sell food and not too much other tempting stuff. Thanks for your advice.


    • As I’m getting up there in years (I hear Mom, Sparky and Linda all snickering), I’m learning to set myself up to succeed instead of failing. This is one of the ways I do it.


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