Do You Know Them?


We’re finishing up our study on the Ten Commandments in church.  I urge you to read Exodus 20:1-17.  Only, instead of reading it with the eyes of a child like you did when you were in Sunday School as a kid, read them as the mature person you are.  I think you’ll find that the Ten Commandments go a whole lot deeper than, “Thou shalt not…”


5 thoughts on “Do You Know Them?

    1. True – kind of. There are some laws that Jesus came to fulfill. I think the ten commandments apply just as much today as they did when Moses delivered them. However, I’m not sure about the whole pork thing. I have a strong inkling that this was a historical thing aka for our own good and thus, we’re not under this rule anymore. That’s Question #4598 to ask my Heavenly Father when I see Him 🙂

  1. In our churchwide curriculum, we were in Exodus this past fall. It was really eye-opening to teach it to the children, because you not only learn all of them (there’s a way to do hand signals with each of them so that you’ll have them memorized for life in just minutes, even kids!), but we also really worked with the kids to understand what they’re getting at, not just the behavior, but the heart.

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