Mii Like Wii Fit

About a week ago, the Man Beast calls me up from a local video game store.

“I found an used Wii Fit!  Should I buy it?  It can be an early birthday present [mine, not his].”

If you’ve followed the old blog for any amount of time, you know that the Turtle Household is a huge fan of video games.  All video games – from cute (the kiddos and I) to not-so-cute (the Man Beast).  Like them all.  We all adore Rock Band 2; we play every weekend.

Brace yourselves: we didn’t play this weekend!  Instead, we played Wii Fit.

For those who don’t know what Wii Fit is (where have you been?!), I’ll give a brief run down:

Wii Fit is an active video game that uses the Wii Balance board instead of a controller, as is the case in traditional video games.  Your character (called a Mii – get it?) completes different challenges that you control via the balance board.  The game is divided up into four sections: Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio Training and Balance Games. The Wii Fit is all about balance.  And weight.  And BMI.

When TMB brought the Wii Fit home, I immediately had to check it out.  First, I selected a Mii (I had already made one for some other games we have) to represent me during the game.  I then had to enter my age and birthday.  And then I stepped on the board so it could measure my weight and BMI; every fitness routine needs a starting point, right?  (I shot TMB an evil glare he laughed at the Wii board when it said, ‘Oh!’ after I stepped on it for the first time.  For the record, it has several sayings – ‘Oh!’ just so happened to be the one it was saying that day – it said it for everyone, including Baby Gurl who is a healthy weight.  So there.)

I gasped in shock (and a bit of disgust) when I saw my cute, healthy-looking Mii morph into something not quite so cute.  In short: she got fat.  But it’s a starting point – I have to keep reminding myself of this.

Long story short (too late), I love my Wii Fit.  Since I’ve spent some time on it (it banks minutes that you play/workout), I’ve unlocked a number of yogo moves, strength training exercises, balance games and cardio training.  Obviously, the more you unlock, the more intense it gets.

One day last week, I went through all of the moves.  Every single one – no matter how much it hurt (anyone attempt a side plank?  I don’t think we’re meant to move our bodies that way.)  I ended working out for about 50 minutes.  The next day (the next two days), it hurt to move! Sitting down was excrutiating.  Lifting was tough too (quite a feat when about 1/4 of my job is lifting my students).

Would I consider this a genuine workout solution? Yes and no.

If you’re looking a Biggest-Loser-Let’s-Kick-Your-Tail-For-Six-Hours workout, you need to look elsewhere. But, if you’re a large gal (or guy) or haven’t been moving ‘in oxygen’ for awhile, the Wii Fit might just be the thing to get you moving.  Weight loss has always been one simple formula:

Calories In < Calories Out

(Calories in should be less than calories out.  In other words, burn more calories than you eat.)

I think anything that keeps you movitivated and gets you moving is a winner.

It’s family friendly and fun.  And fitness should be fun, right?

Visit Amazon, WalMart.com, or your favorite store to find a Wii Fit.  (Please note:  If you do not have a Nintendo Wii, you’ll have to purchase a unit before buying Wii Fit and the balance board which are usually sold together.)

(I’ll be posting more on the subject of the Wii Fit as it pertains to all of our weight loss.  Stay tuned!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Miiiiiiiii want a WIIIIIIIIII..How fun that sounds, lol. Seriously, we have been discussing it. Blessings


  2. If you need exercise, I’ve got gardening and yardwork you’re welcome to anytime. [giggle]

    The Wii Fit sounds like fun but I’m a go outside kinda person. :o)


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