Mystery Dinner

Through a series of fluke events (way too long of a story to mention here), Baby Gurl is a Girl Scout.

On Tuesday, there was a Mystery Dinner and parents were invited to go.  Since The Man Beast was working, I got to go.  I had no idea what to expect.  I mean, really.  When you hear ‘mystery dinner’, what do you think?  Maybe a play with dinner, right?  I was further curious when the flier said something to the effect of: guess what you’re having for dinner.


Let me tell y’all.  It wasn’t anything like that.  We didn’t eat anything gross or disgusting (after all these are girls and many of them – Baby Gurl included – are pretty picky eaters).  Instead, when we entered, we were giving a menu and we were told to choose our three courses.  But there was a twist:

1.  All foods are listed in ‘code’.  For example, Deviled Eggs were listed as Satan’s Seed.  The secret was to decode the mystery and choose foods you actually want to eat for each course.

2.  All foods could be chosen only once.

3.  You are given nothing but a spoon.  If you want a fork, you have to decode it.  (In this case, the fork was a Y in the road).

It was so fun!  Baby Gurl and I had a blast.  We ended up giggling each time our food came out, especially when Mom had ice cream (Frosty’s Cousin) with celery (Captain Crunch) and meatballs (Rolling Stones)! (Thankfully, not together!  In fact, in their infinite wisdom, the scout leaders used sectioned Styrofoam plates.)

I told The Man Beast if they did this again next year, he would totally have to go.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Dinner

  1. I’ve done this once before, with my Sunday School class, but it was called “Roadkill Cafe.” It WAS so much fun. It was all taco ingredients and silverware, so it was quite humorous to see what everyone came up with for each 3-item course. The fact that I remember it this well says a lot…it was when I was in 5th grade!

    I was a GS from 2nd grade through 12th…lots of memories!

  2. That is adorable and so very clever! I loved being in Brownies and Girl Scouts (or is she in Gurl Scouts? ha ha). I hope your Baby Gurl has as much fun as I had. :o)

    1. Haha, Gurl Scouts. Love it! Baby Gurl being in this particular girl scout troop is a true blessing. One day, I’ll share the story as to why.

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