The Turtle Clan Plays Hookie for the Day

The Boy left for Orlando at 6:30 yesterday morning.  He went with his gifted class.  They should be returning tonight around 9.  The Boy called me (per my request) last night at around 9 to say he got their safe.  He also said the charter bus was cool (the movie – High School Musical 3 – was not), ow he got to eat his dinner at Medieval Times with his hands, and something about a motion detection roller coaster at McDonald’s (I think I’m going to have to check on that one when he gets home).

So, with The Boy out of town for a bit, The Man Beast and I decided to do something special with Baby Gurl.

Although she doesn’t know it, we are going here She went a couple of weeks ago with her Girl Scout troop – but since our plans were made first and we’ve spent all this time saving up for it, we decided that we would go, too.  But today.  All by ourselves.

What’s utterly killing me is the fact that we could get season passes for about $275 for the four of us.  I’m about $75 short.  But really, when I think about it, I’ve decided that buying them at regular price will mean we’re only out $25 extra.  Yes, it’s $25 saved, but it’s not really worth it to go out of budget to take advantage of a good deal.

I hope to take pictures.  The Boy said he’d take pictures of his trip.  So, I guess since I didn’t get to my give aways this week, next week will be giveaways and mini vacation photos.


3 thoughts on “The Turtle Clan Plays Hookie for the Day

  1. Valdosta is a nice area. There is so much more to do there than here. Valdosta also a Rodeo Mexican Restaurant. If y’all like mexican food, check it out and tell them we said “Howdy”. The owners are pals of ours. :o) Hope y’all have fun at Wildadventures!

    1. We have a Rodeo here in town. It’s okay. Not fabulously great (I really hope your pal owners don’t own ours, too!) Another great restaurant if you get the chance to go is Rancheros. In Brunswick, it’s called Barboritos. It’s fabulous! Think Taco Bell meets Subway.

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