If I had an extra hour a day…

Oh how I wish I had an extra hour in a day to get more accomplished.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  I think at one time or another, everyone wishes they had an extra hour to get more done.

Complaining about it seems fruitless, right?  Of course – because we all know we can’t really get an extra hour out of our days.  But what if you could?

What would you do if you had an extra hour?

Frigidaire has 250 new appliances designed to save you time.  They are giving away an entire suite of their new time-saving appliances just for telling them five things you would do if you had an extra hour a day.

If y’all remember, I recently bought a new washer and dryer.  I got them because I wanted them – bottom line.  But after having them for a couple of months, I’ve noticed a few really good changes: I use less soap, my wash is done in less time, and I’ve saved money on my utility bills!  While my set are not Frigidaire, I can honestly say that appliances have come such a long way.  They save you time and money.

What more could you ask for?

If you’d like a chance to win some neat Frigidaire appliances (that save you time and money), please visit My Motherload to enter.  Good luck!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m glad I don’t need any appliances right now. $$cha-ching$$ I always feel ripped off after a purchase.

    Say, off subject, but y’all gotta go to northern Alabama and visit Gator Mom & Family. They’re great folks and we had a blast! Can’t wait to go back. :o)


    • I was wondering how the visit went. I haven’t been to anyone’s blog in over a week. Time kind of got away from me!


  2. LOL, it is so true, right now my washing machine is once again broken and so I tripped on over to my friend’s house yesterday with 6!!! loads of laundry and we spent the entire day together while I got all my laundry done. And I used less detergent then I do at home with the older machine and things took less time to dry because the machine was more efficient at spinning to remove the water! God willing someday we will have a better machine….

    But it was really nice just to spend a day with my friend hanging out and chatting the day away while I did my laundry!


  3. Our dryer takes 2 hours to dry a load. It’s a good thing I only have 2 loads every 2 weeks!

    To be honest, I’d probably waste another hour, just like I waste many an hour now. That reminds me, I want to keep track of my time this week. I’ve really late bad habits creep in…


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