A New Addition to the Family!

Not me!  My little Bro!  He’s a daddy and I’m told his little boy is the spittin’ image of him.

Congratulations, Little Bro and bunch.  And the little tyke needs a YoYo name…hmmm.  I’m calling him…Mini Bro.

Oh…and this has to be said: Mini Bro was born exactly one month before Aunt Iva’s birthday.  Coicindence?  I think not.


And on to other news:  I posted my first giveaway.  Check it out.  I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow afternoon.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Awwww congrats to your little brother. I can’t wait for one of my brothers to have children. I think my mom and dad are looking forward to it as well, lol. 🙂


    • My BFF once told me that being an aunt is the coolest thing in the world. My MIL would disagree. But since my kiddos aren’t having kiddos of their own any time soon, I will take being an aunt any day 🙂


  2. Met you over at beingfrugal. This title got my attention because it is my most recent post title. Hope you’re feeling better & congrats on the new little boy!


  3. […] 2009. Filed under: General | Tags: Child Rearing Ramblings, Family Ramblings | If you recall, my baby brother recently became a daddy.  He sent me a text that said [paraphrased] “Being a dad is cool, […]


  4. […] I became CPR certified. I worked on my couponing skills. The Boy took his first out-of-town field trip and TMB and I took Baby Gurl somewhere all by herself. Mini Bro was born. […]


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