Feeling Better

Did y’all pray for me?  I’m not sure how many of y’all did, but for those that did – thank you!  I’m feeling so much better.  I really am!

Well guys, the official countdown til summer is five days! Can you believe it?  Where in the world did the year go?

Nine short months ago, Baby Gurl was just entering second grade and would cry almost every day.  She would have daily meltdowns over little things that she could not control.  (I’ll post more on this at a later date as I become for comfortable).  She has had an awesome teacher this year who has helped her blossom into a confident girl with a great sense of humor (I’m almost positive she gets it from her dad).  She participate in Awana this year and towards the end, she was finally able to join Girl Scouts.  She absolutely loves both programs and has friends not only in these two groups, but at school as well.  (I’ve been trying to put off a playdate between Baby Gurl and one of her best friends, a boy!)

The Boy had me worried this year.  Last year was his first year of public school after two years of homeschooling and he seemed a bit lost.  Or his head did – the decisions he made last year totally blew my mind.  So, this year, when he asked to go to Orlando on a school trip – a two day school trip – I was a bit apprehensive.  Would he behave being four hours away from mom and dad?  The answer was yes.  Of course, he blew through $50 and has nothing to show for it – but he behaved and this was the biggest issue for me.  He also participate in Science Olympiad this year (a program that he was kicked out of last year due to his behavior) and placed first in one of the events!

Next year, Baby Gurl will be at the elementary school by herself because The Boy moves up to Middle School and Sixth Grade.  I’m glad that our earlier plans of moving this year fell through.  Baby Gurl has been at this school for two years and feels comfortable.  I think this next year will be a good chance for her to spread her wings and really grow as a girl and not just The Boy’s Baby Sister.

The Boy will be over in the school I work at next year.  In fact, tomorrow, I’ll be going to Parents’ Night.  The good thing is that he knows the layout of the school because he’s been there for the past 175 days.  The bad thing is it’s still Middle School and there is still a lot to learn.  I look at the Boy and see a childish fifth grader who still runs, jumps, laughs and play fights with his friends.  I’m nervous because the behavior that is expected at the school is one of maturity.

But then I pause and think to myself – 1) a lot of maturing can happen in a summer and 2) perhaps sixth grade teachers expect new sixth graders to be a little childish and maybe, just maybe, he might suprise me.

I’m really looking forward to next year.  I look forward to the Boy finding a bit more of himself and spreading his wings just a bit (he’s planning on joining band).  I look forward to a little wing spreading from Baby Gurl, too.

As excited as I am about next year, I also grow a little sad – my Kiddos are growing up and becoming more independent.  But that’s also the really great news: my Kiddos are growing up and becoming more independent.

Here is to a wonderful year!


8 thoughts on “Feeling Better

    1. Man, talk about a double edged sword. Although, if I do my job right, I’ll work myself out of said job. Let’s hope I do a good job 😉

  1. I loved Science Olympiad, which thing did he do? I loved the egg drop, it was always lots of fun. When I got to HS I did chemical equations and anatomy. Any thoughts of doing Math Counts. We went to state when I live in NM for it.

    What is Awana? I haven’t heard of it. I have been thinking when Em is older to try and keep us from running around all the time, she can do one individual extracurricular activity, and one group activity. In addition to what we do for homeschooling, God willing.

    My brother, who is also a teacher, told us he had 1 week plus finals. I can’t believe that the year has gone be so quickly! I know so many teachers that I still kinda have that school year mentality, lol.

    Any plans for the summer? Also just curious is what is bothering Baby gurl related to my most recent blog post? If so I would be very interested to hear how its going. 🙂

    Take care and HUGS!

    1. He did Dynamic Planet. I’ve never been to a competition, so it was a first for me, too. Loads of fun.

      Awana is a church ministry usually hosted by Baptist churches. A bit like Vacation Bible school, only it’s hosted during the school year.

      Only plans for the summer are camp and VBS. I’ll update on Baby Gurl as I have more information 🙂

  2. Having worked with a lot of 5th and 6th graders, I’ve found that 6th grade is a huge pivital year full of growing. Lots of character battles, but I love that age.

    I did Science Olympiad in high school and totally loved it! We had a great team and ended up going to nationals 3 of my years. Nothing like a free trip!

    1. 6th grade is huge – but I really believe that 6th graders are too young to be in the middle school. Of course that’s just little old fashioned me talking 🙂

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