First Day of Hurricane Season – Eleven More Days Until My Birthday

Today marks the first day of hurricane season. For those who don’t know, hurricane season runs from June until November. Yay.

Yesterday in the newspaper was a hurricane preparedness insert. Check out the names of 2009’s hurricanes:


Is that a list or what? What is most interesting about this list is that there are only eleven names that don’t belong to family, family of friends, friends, or co-workers. It kind of makes me wonder – is this going to be a heck of a year when it comes to hurricanes? Mayhap it will be, mayhap it won’t. (It’s also interesting to note – actually The Man Beast pointed this out – that two of the major hurricanes that swept through the area within the past ten years, have been named after family (not friends of family – family).

And yes, you read that right: I am counting down until my birthday.  I’ll be 33 this year.  No huge milestone really – except that The Father has allowed me to live 33 years on His wonderful earth.  That’s sayin’ something, right?

I’ve also decided that this year – I’m creating birthday weeks for my friends, co-workers, and family.  The teacher I work with – as well as a few coworkers – learned very quickly that Iva loves birthdays.  All birthdays – not just my own (although I really do like my own best.  Is that bad?)  Since I’ve already done the suprise birthday party thing for a few select co-workers (they know who they are – you don’t, and that’s okay), I’m going to create birthday weeks for them.  Not several weeks mind you – just one week for each of the special women who I’m privaledged enough to work with.

And I dare say that a birthday week for my blog sounds like a mighty fine idea, too.  Who knows what I’ll come up with.  Maybe it’ll be a whole week all about me (good things – not bad things…we’ve been there, done that).  Is this arrogant and self-centered?  Probably.  But we’ve come to regret any birthday after 21 and I find that incredibly sad.  I have several friends who were down right frantic about turning 30.  30! ( Personally, I thought thirty was pretty kick awesome.  I truly felt grown up for the first time ever.  Silly, I know.)  Who says we have to stop celebrating our birthdays just because we’ve technically run out of milestones? (I guess at 25 you can open up an IRA and at 35 you can run for president – if that’s your cup of tea).

Well, I am taking back the birthday.  Do you know my bloggy friend, Susan, recently celebrated her 50th?  And can I just say she’s a lovely 50 year old woman?  Elegant.  Beautiful.  God has kept her on this earth for 50 years and He’s allowed me to get to know her…even if it is just through a blog.  What’s not to celebrate?

Call it what you will, but I am celebrating my birthday – birth week – for seven whole days.  It  will run from Sunday, June 7th until Sunday, June 14th.  The following Sunday is Father’s Day…that will be a fun tribute for me.  But for now – it’s all about me.

But it won’t always be.  This summer, I’ll celebrate Baby Gurl’s 8th birthday.  In the fall, I’ll celebrate The Boy’s 12th (gulp!)  Then, in the winter, I’ll celebrate the Man Beast’s.  A whole week of celebrating a loved one. How special is that?

Celebrating birthday weeks at school will be a bit more tricky.  It’ll take some planning.  And since I’ve announced it on my blog for all the world to read (and some of those co-workers read this blog), I’ll have to be tricky in my planning.  Sure, they might know it’s their birthday week, but they don’t know what’s in store for them.

I’m almost giddy with anticipation.  Did you notice I haven’t mentioned a thing about gifts?  To me, it’s not about gifts.  I’m almost embarrassed by them.  Give me a hug.  Tell me happy birthday.  I’ll be  just as happy as if you had bought me a gift (yes, really).

To me, birthdays – all birthdays – are a time for celebration.  We all celebrate our kids’ (nephews’ and neices’) birthdays.  Let’s celebrate our own.  Made a day of it.  Make a week of it.

I plan to.


6 thoughts on “First Day of Hurricane Season – Eleven More Days Until My Birthday

  1. I love birthday weeks. A couple of friends and I did that in high school…it was such fun getting something each day, especially having no idea what it’d be.

    I only have one friend/family member with a name off of that list. I guess my friends and family are all “special.” 😉

    1. Ronnica, my family is about as dysfunctional (but loving) as can be. It’s really no surprise that half of them have hurricanes named after them! LOL

  2. LOL, Em arrived as we were watching Hurricane Emily off the coast of Cuba, lol. I believe Hurricane Dennis was arriving in the US that evening too, which was the real reason we were watching the news.

    1. I remember when one of the big hurricanes hit before Baby Gurl was born. We always joke that that was the day when The Boy turned into a terrible two! LOL

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