A Freebie on Me

This morning, I opened up my inbox and in it, was an offer to give my friends (and family) one free month of Netflix.  I figured I’d offer it up here for those who are trying to cut cable costs.  But first, let me explain to you how we use Netflix.

Up until recently, we didn’t have cable (I know, shock).  We didn’t want to pay our cable company’s outlandish price for cable – so we didn’t.  Instead, we used Hulu to watch a lot of our shows.  But a computer screen is so small – which is why we used our Playstation 3 and a program called PlayOn to stream from The Man Beast’s computer straight to our television!

We had been Netflix subscribers in the past and stopped using it (when we had cable), so we unsubscribed.  About six months ago, we looked into it again.  We were very excited to find out that thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly access to movies, the movies that we’d ordinarily watch immediately on our computer screens, we could stream directly to our TV.  Around the same time that we picked up a Netflix subscription, The Man Beast picked up an XBox 360 at a pawn shop for cheap.  We now watch our Watch Instantly Netflix movies through the XBox 360 – with no additional cost other than our monthly subscription (we get the one out a time, unlimited, with the BluRay upgrade – it’s $12/mo).

My dear blog friend, Linda, over at Life’s a Callin’ has been MIA since her move.  She had heard me talk about Hulu (cable is too expensive for her, too) and when I got the Netflix email, I decided to create a post.

If you’re looking to cut down on entertainment costs and have exhausted your public library, give Netflix a try.  Oh, and even if you don’t and have a Playstation 3 and are interested in streaming Hulu to your TV, let me know and I’ll create a tutorial (with the Man Beast’s help – of course!)


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