Soft Tyranny

Back in the day, people worked for what they had.  They started working for a company at the bottom and worked their way up.  They felt no sense of entitlement; nothing need to be handed to them.  They knew that the key to getting what you wanted was earning it.

Compare that day to today.

No longer do we have the attitude, desire, and expectations to work hard for what we want.  Now we have an attitude of entitlement.  I deserve this.  Not, I earned this – I deserve this.  Retail therapy at it’s best worst.

What’s worse is we’ve (as a society, certainly not as individuals), have starting putting our faith in big government.  We need taken care of – let big government do it.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

My bloggy friend, Sparky, has posted a really neat video on her blog – Why are conservatives so mean? In the video, Klavan speaks to recent college graduates.  Graduates from liberal colleges (isn’t that all of them?)

Sure, it’s easy to let the government hold our hands; take care of our every-stinkin’ need.  In fact someone very close to mentioned not too long ago that she wanted to get all the government help she could get.  I was speechless; couldn’t even respond.

This is how our younger generation think.  This is how liberals think.

At this point, I feel it’s necessary to point out that I am a conservative surrounded by liberals when it comes to my family.  Everyone – with the exception of The Man Beast (whew!) – is liberal in my family.  My BFF is liberal.  Needless to say, there are two subjects we don’t talk about – politics are one of them.

We need to change the way we think, people.  By giving big government the power the Constitution never intended them to have in the first place, we are giving away our freedoms.  There is a price for everything.  Nothing is free.  Ever.

If we don’t start taking back our freedoms, we aren’t going to have any.


7 thoughts on “Soft Tyranny

  1. Sing it, Sister! I agree wholeheartedly!

    There are very few people out there who have a solid work ethic these days. There are even fewer who subscribe to “my word is my bond”. My father instilled both attributes in his children, and I am doing the same with mine. I was very fortunate to find a man who shared these ethics!

    This “gimme” generation is in big trouble, and they don’t even realize it. Yet.

  2. This has been bugging me lately. Someone I know is also a conservative, and he’s always saying, “The government should _______” and I just respond, remember, that’s not their job.

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