Happy Birthday to Me

Today, I turn 33.  Actually, today at 6:28 pm I turn 33.  I know this because my mom repeated the fact every year for the past…oh, I don’t know…32 years of my life.

This week was supposed to be my birthday week.  Well, what a birthday week it has been!

On Sunday, my dear MIL came to visit.  She made brownies, brought ice cream and whipped cream and wished me a happy birthday.  Bean Pole, Monster Mama and Jelly Bean came with her.  Do you know Jelly Bean is 6 mos old?  Mini Bro is one month old.  Where has the time gone?  Yikes!

This week, the kiddos have gone to VBS while I’ve stayed home and had some quality time with the Man Beast.  However, yesterday, I took the Man Beast to the doctor because his back has been hurting him for a week.  They took xrays and aside from his back hurting, it looked good.  They gave him all kinds of good drugs – a week’s worth – and none of them are touching the pain.

What this means is that he’ll probably be going in for an MRI.  He does not relish the fact and to tell the truth, we’re just not sure what this all means.  To refresh your memory, The Man Beast is a delivery driver for a major company.  He is very physical every day and he needs his back.  We’re just not sure where all of this is going.  I guess we won’t know until we know.

The doctor did tell him that he was too young for back surgery, so that’s good news.  The Man Beast does not want surgery at all for fear of becoming permanently disabled.  Although, at the rate his back is going, he’s not sure if he’s going to be disabled anyway.

The Boy leaves for a Scout trip Saturday morning.  He’ll be gone for a week.  Next week, Baby Gurl and I will be with her scout troop for Daycamp.  All week – all day long.  No more sleeping in for me.  But I’m thankful that her scout camp is the same week as the Boy’s.  This will keep Little Sister’s mind busy.  It’ll just be the two of us.

What’s on tap today for me?  The kids and I are going to go see Coraline at the Summer Movie Theater.  Then, I need to come home, do laundry and do homework.  Tomorrow night, while the kids are at VBS, I have a meeting with Baby Gurl’s troop leader about next week’s camp.

That’s it.  Happy Birthday, Iva.

Oh, did I mention the highs are supposed to reach 99?  Yay.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy birthday, Iva!

    I loved camp when I was a scout. And then I worked at a daycamp throughout middle school and high school…so much fun!


    • Thanks, Ronnica 🙂

      I went to church camp when I was in high school. It was a load of fun. See? Another plus of singleness – you can go to camp! 😀


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