How I Spent My Birthday

I remember two really kick-awesome birthday parties.  My 8th birthday party was spent in Mexico (we lived there).  My 12th birthday included my whole class.  Both parties had pinatas.

Yesterday, instead of parties and pinatas I had:

1. A husband who is still hurting – a lot

2. A girl scout meeting.

3. A VBS finale.

4. Puke.  Baby Gurl’s…not mine.  And lots of it.

Happy birthday, Iva.

On to other things – since the meds that the doc gave TMB aren’t even remotely touching his pain, I’ve made him an appointment at a local chiropractor.  (Confession:  I thought chiropractors were all quacks.  However, since moving here, I have met no less than six people who see a chiropractor on a regular basis.  And to be honest, I would do just about anything for the Man Beast.  He’s suffered from pain since he was 12 and it’s gotten worse.  No one deserves to live in chronic pain and if there’s a solution out there, I’m going to find a way.)

Yesterday, TMB over did a bit.  He either couldn’t get a jumper or didn’t want a jumper, but he paid for his day.  Last night, he could barely move.  (BTW, a jumper is someone who ‘jumps’ out of the truck and delivers packages.  When TMB went to work, I wasn’t sure if he’d have a job for very long.  I don’t mind saying that it’s his income that pays the majority of the bills.  Mine pays rent and health insurance.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for my job – it just ain’t much.  To say I was stressing was an understatement.  Let’s get real: without your back, what do you have?  Every job requires your back in some degree!

I was relieved to hear that TMB’s BB (big boss) is working with him.  Jumpers get paid daily and BB can’t afford a jumper every day.  So, as a compromise, TMB and BB are splitting the cost of a jumper.  (On the surface, one might assume that since TMB got hurt on the job that it’s BB’s responsibility to pay for whatever he needs; and ordinarily you’d be right.  However, to be fair, TMB’s back has been messed up since he was a kid, so techinically he has a pre-existing condition.  Besides, I’m willing to eat a bit of our paycheck to ensure that TMB still has a paycheck to bring home!)

I’ll be sure to update those who care (and it’s okay if you don’t).  His appointment is next Tuesday.  I’ll update Wednesday night after I get home from Day Camp.

Yesterday, the kids did make me a ham and cheese omelet (yes, my boy can cook).  They stuck a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was very sweet.  And I do indeed make wishes on my candles.  But I don’t believe I’ll ‘lose’ my wish if I tell you what I wished:

This year, the 33rd year since my birth, I wish for health for my whole family.  I hope that a year from now I can blog about how TMB’s back is better and he goes through his day pain-free.  I have a few things going on behind the scenes with Baby Gurl that I hope to get cleared up this year to ensure her success in school and in life.  The Boy I’d like to get through sixth grade with his sense of self intact.  As for me – my list is too long to count.  I would like to take care of my family first and then I can take care of myself, guilt-free.  (Yes, I realize there are a thousand and one reasons why the previous statement is unhealthy on so many levels.  But as always, I like to keep it real here on YoYo and that’s about as real as you can get.)


4 responses to this post.

  1. My wish is for your hubby to get better also. I can certainly sympathize with fearing from income. Been there, done that. Y’all have my prayers.

    Happy Belated Birthday gal. I hope you had a wonderful day then and today too.

    Gosh, it’s hot, ain’t it? Yuck. Canada is starting to look really good this week … [giggle]


  2. Posted by ruqayyah1 on June 12, 2009 at 8:28 pm


    I am sorry to hear that the man beast isn’t doing well. Has he tried the steriod injections? I tried them and they didn’t help me, but along my journey I met several people who said the injections saved them from surgery. God willing, he will be doing better soon!

    Happy B-day! It sounds like another day in the life of a mom, which is usually not glamorous, but I hope that you are much appreciated by the family, and from the sounds of it you are!

    Birthday hugs!



  3. Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…


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