Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

I dropped the Boy off at the Scout hut this morning at 9.  I had run back home, however, and grab his schedule that had his classes listed because I forgot to pack it. Whatever happened to a Boy Scout always being prepared?  Hmm…

He’ll be gone until late Friday night.  He will be missed (after all, who is going to do my dishes?)

Baby Gurl and I headed to the Y this afternoon and went swimming.  We’re new members, so I was a Class A Dork trying to find my way around the place.  Luckily, everyone was very nice (even the kid behind the counter who, I swear, was young enough to be one of my kids.  Wait, I’m not that old yet, am I?)

Let me tell you – walking into an indoor pool with a one-piece bathing suit on is nerve-wracking.  And stupid.  Not stupid to be walking into an indoor pool – that part is inevitable.  It’s stupid to be worried about walking into an indoor swimming pool.  No one is watching you aside from the short glace to see who came into the pool.  Other than that, everybody keeps to their own.  It was nice.  The last time I was in an indoor swimming pool was in my teens when we used to go to the Y as a family.  So…17 year.  Gosh, where does the time go?!?)

After the pool, Baby Gurl and I went to the library to return books and get a few new ones.  We both grabbed books by our favorite author.  Baby Gurl picked up two Junie B. Jones books and I picked up three Terri Blackstock books.  Now this is stupid. I have class work to do…I have no business reading.  But, I can’t do classwork all day long, so I figure I’ll use the books as a reward.  They are easy and fast reads, so while they are 300 pages in length, I should have no problem reading them in the next two weeks.

But on that note, I must finish up my homework for this week so it can be turned in before midnight tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

  1. I love Terri Blackstock books. But, yes, you still have to do your homework … one of the disadvantages of being in school.

    1. Hey Aunt Sue! 🙂 I forgot how I found Terri Blackstock…but I do enjoy her books. Have you ever read Hannah Alexander? They are a husband-wife team who write medical mysteries. Think Michael Chriton or Robin Cook, but with a Terri Blackstock spin on things…

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