Did You Know…

…that glue and borax create a polymer when mixed together?

…that wind is a pretty powerful force?

…you can light up a light bulb (albeit a small one) with your body and a friend?

…did you know that Find It is probably the most addictive game on the planet?

…narcotic K-9s don’t really look for drugs.  Instead they look for their ball that smells like drugs?

…we’re having a really a great time at Girl Scout Day Camp?


2 thoughts on “Did You Know…

  1. Glad you are (were?) enjoying it! I always wondered how they trained dogs to sniff out drugs…

    Question then, how do they get the ball to smell like drugs???

    1. Drugs. Yeah, really. I got to see a bag of dope (which I have never seen) and a bag of crack cocaine (also, which I have never seen before). It was kind of cool. And they are really strict like that – every single ounce of drugs has to be accounted for. And you have to have a special license to carry it for demonstration purposes.

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