Seasons of Change

There comes a point where everyone enters a season of change.  Not The Change, mind you – just seasons of change.  Marriage.  Divorce.  Pregnancy.  A move.  These are all seasons of change.

And the Turtle house has entered its season of change.

The Man Beast didn’t get good news at the chiropractor.  His hip was out of alignment and he fixed it.  Part of his back was out of alignment and he fixed it.  But there is a spot on TMB’s back that he would not touch – the middle where his compressed vertebrae are located (we’re unsure of whether he has 3, 5 or 7).  This compression was not due to his job – this compression happened when he fell out of his grandmother’s attic when he was 12.

The chiropractor – after looking at his x-rays and talking with him – told TMB that his delivery job is not the job he needs to be in.

The night after his adjustment, the pain that TMB was feeling was gone, but the pain of his compressed vertebrae was stronger than ever.  Now, he can barely walk.

So, TMB took this news to his boss and his boss let him go.  We don’t blame him – he needs a good delivery driver.  TMB was a good one – but it was too much for his body in his condition.

The first thing TMB did was go down to the Labor Dept and file for unemployment – at least this is some money coming in.  (Just as a reminder – I am still employed, but my paycheck covers rent – TMB’s checks cover everything else that goes into the house.)

As you can probably tell, we’re in survivor mode.  We’ve been here before.  We’re pros at it.  But it’s still a very scary position to be in – as I’m sure you can imagine (or you well know if you’ve in the same boat!)

There are a few things that we have to consider when getting The Man Beast another job:

– We have one car.

– During the school year, I use the car from 7 o’clock until 4 o’clock Monday through Friday.  Dropping me off at work to pick me up later in the day isn’t an option if TMB holds a full-time job.

– Working out of town isn’t a viable option.

– For the first time in our married life, TMB and I might have to work separate shifts in order to share the car.

– Minimum wage or a part time job isn’t going to pay the bills.

So, this is where we’re at.  The Boy is away at Boy Scout camp.  He returns late tomorrow night.  If we tell him anything (which we probably will), we’ll have to do it when Baby Gurl is out of the room.  If she hears anything remotely negative, she will blow it out of proportion so not only would we have to deal with our anxieties about our situation but also Baby Gurl’s (which are about a million times worse than ours).

We will, however, try to keep the situation as positive as possible.  It’s not the end of the world.  Are we worried?  Yes.  But we’ve also gone through enough hard knocks to know that as long as TMB and I are solid, we can get through it.

As far as TMB’s back is concerned, he has had two doctors tell him he needs an MRI.  So, he’ll probably go in next week sometime to get one done.  He doesn’t relish the idea of laying in a tube for an hour, but if it’ll give us some picture as to what exactly is wrong with him, we can work with doctors to fix him.  What that fix will be, we don’t know.

Right now, we’re just taking one day at a time.

I’m in my seventh week of my chemistry class.  It’s going pretty well.  It’s challenging for me, but I’m doing alright.  I am the smart kind of student who has to lock herself in a room to read challenging material and visualize said material to really ‘get it’.  Therefore, I appear very smart to the outside person, but to me, I’m just a chick flailing along trying to get it alright.

So far, so good.  On the 29th of this month, I’m starting an Old Testament History class.  I’m really looking forward to it.

BTW, does anyone have a Life Application Bible that I can borrow for two months?  I need the NIV version.  I want to buy a LAB, but I don’t want that version – but I need the NIV version for class.

If you have a copy and wouldn’t mind lending it to me, let me know.  I’ll pay for shipping and ship it back when I’m done.  (I come from a smoke-free home, but I do have a cat).

Just asking all my readers to please keep us in your prayers.  It’s a season for us and I know that God will see us through it.  But sometimes that pesky flesh wants to freak you out a bit.  Just trying to keep the freaks away, ya know?


7 thoughts on “Seasons of Change

  1. I’d totally let you borrow my Life Application Bible, but it’s NASB.

    Crazy times…but these are when you’ll see your faith in Christ grow, if you’ll depend on Him. I don’t know what the future holds for you, but I pray that He’ll be your strength and comfort no matter what comes!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Ronnica. I agree. My biggest concern (believe it or not) is getting TMB healthy again. A man’s purpose is to take care of his family – when he can’t, he tends to feel like he’s failed. This is where we’re at now.

      I did get someone to borrow the Bible from – thank for the offer 🙂

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