Great Dads are Made, Not Born

If you recall, my baby brother recently became a daddy.  He sent me a text that said [paraphrased] “Being a dad is cool, but it’s tough.”

When I told The Man Beast what my brother had said, he laughed and said, “Duh.”

My mother and I had a conversation a while back (she received the same text).  She said when she first thought about it, she thought that being a mommy was harder but after giving it further thought, she agreed with my brother: being a daddy is tougher.

I concede that both being a mommy and a daddy are tough – but both are equally rewarding.

However, just like women are not born moms, I don’t believe that men are born dads.  Sure, most of us have that instinct (but some don’t – and that’s okay), but to be truly great, I believe you’ve got to get in the trenches, get your hands dirty and learn from your mistakes.

Oh yes, mistakes: there will be plenty of them.

The Man Beast has been a daddy for almost twelve years.  I would say he’s a better daddy today than he was when The Boy was born.  In the past twelve years, he’s grown as a man and has learned how to exist in a little person’s world.

As a mother, these are the lessons that I’ve observed TMB learn:

– Taking care of your family is the number one priority for a daddy

– Taking care of the mommy who takes care of your kiddos is second priority

– At the end of the day, when you’re tired and hot and all you want to do is veg out in front of the television, being bombarded with two kiddos who want to tell you every single, minute detail of their day – simultaneously – is third priority

Great dads show up when life is hard.  It’s easy to be a good dad when things are easy – but when things get tough, this is when the great dads show themselves.

In this season of change for my family, I am very proud of the husband and father that the Man Beast has become.  Regardless of what comes our way, I know that my heavenly Father will take care of me up in heaven and The Man Beast will take care of the family here on Earth.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great daddies.  May you all continue to grow even greater.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You know, since my husband became a father he has become a better husband. I guess it’s like you said with the growing up thing. It’s nice to have a good man beast isn’t it.


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