TMB Update

Just a quick note to anyone who is wondering – TMB has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow.

TMB is nervous because he doesn’t know what to expect.  I mean, he’s heard what to expect, but I think everyone’s experience is different, ya know?

I, however, am nervous for another reason: the cost of the MRI is going to be coming out of our pocket because we haven’t met our deductible.  A friend at church/work has assured me that the hospital will work out payment arrangements.  I really hope so…because right now there is no money coming into this house and I’d be lying if I said I weren’t nervous.

Still, I have to remind myself that God is in control.  That has never changed.  No matter what happens, He is in control.

As if to prove His point, the kids and I had a near miss yesterday.  We were following the man beast to the terminal because he had to return the company truck.  I was behind an elderly gentleman driving a Lumina.  We were at a stop light at one of the most dangerous streets in our city.  The light turns green and the Lumina in front of me starts to go when suddenly he stops.  I don’t know why and I expect him to go again.  When he doesn’t, I look around and then I see it:

A car is barreling down the street, runs the stop light, notices half way through, and slams on her brakes.  Obviously she doesn’t stop.  She’s going way too fast (I’d say about 45 MPH, at least).  Tires screetch and smoke bellows out from under the tires.

As soon as she’s left the intersection, the Lumina proceeds through and I follow.  I look in my rearview mirror and notice that she’s pulled over.  I’m not sure if her car is broke or if she is shook up.  I don’t go back to see.  I’m pretty shook up at what could have happened.

Later, I relay the story to TMB and it’s only then that I think about the impact of what the would-be accident would mean to my family and it’s at that moment that I thank the Father for protecting me and my family.  And it’s only now that I’m thanking the Father that the man in front of me and the driver herself weren’t hurt.

God is always in control.


4 thoughts on “TMB Update

  1. Wow Iva!! That happens way too many times in our little corner of the world. I always look both ways at intersections now (riding on 2 wheels taught me that little trick). It’s like the hand of God put the brakes on that Lumina in front of you. “Thank you Jesus for sparing my friend and the people in the Lumina.” Gosh. Glad y’all are unharmed.

    Specials prayers to your husband about his MRI and his medical problems. Financial concerns will be brought to the Throne of Grace too. Maybe something special will happen for y’all. I hope so. Keep us posted, ‘k? God bless. 🙂 xx

    1. Amen, Ronnica! And I’d like to point out that this gentleman was old and had a handicapped license plate – proof that not all old drivers need to stay off the road (as some of peers have suggested). The man, quite possibly, saved both our lives that day!

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