And Now We Wait…

We went to the hospital this morning to get an MRI for The Man Beast.

It was relatively painless.  He wasn’t registered so he had to actually go to another obscure office to register but before I knew it, he was coming back into the waiting room with another form in his hand to fill out.  Before he finished filling in his name, he was called back!

I settled in with the kids figuring we’d be there for awhile.  Nope.  We were out in about 30 minutes.

TMB said the whole experience was a bit surreal.  The tube was tight and they had him pull down his shorts mid-calf (I wonder if he’ll kill me knowing that I told half the world about his ordeal?)  They did cover him with a blanket, which he said it was a good thing because it was cold.  They also gave him some wicked looking ear muffs.  When I asked him if it was loud, he said he didn’t hear anything…but he could tell it was loud because the tube was vibrating slightly.

Within 15 minutes, he was done.  The results should be back in the chiro’s office by this afternoon…but since Dr. C takes Wednesdays off, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out what’s wrong.  TMB thought that something was really wrong because before they put him into the tube, they took x-rays.  Three rounds of x-rays in less than three weeks.  Is this even safe?!?


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