Going Forward By Looking Back

TMB starts his new job today.  He is going back to work for an old employer, this time as an assistant manager instead of a manager.  He’s nervous.  He left his old job because it was too much for him.  He hopes he’s making the right decision.

I say he is.

First, when you have a bad back, finding employment is tough – especially in today’s economy.

Second, he’s going back to work with friends (professional friends, but friends nonetheless).  They love him.  He really does love them – he’s just a bit nervous about the job.

Third, I see this as an opportunity to learn more about the business without being the head hancho in charge.  This is a good thing.  He’ll make enough to support and provide for his family, without having to take on quite so much of the stress.

Fourth, his manager (I guess his immediate boss) is good people.  I think they’ll work well together.

Fifth – and for completely selfish purposes, he’ll be local again. When he worked as a delivery driver, he was an hour away.  Now, he’ll be just down the street.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really like the idea of having my man local, where, if I need him, I can go see him.

He does wonder about the flexibility for the new-old job.  Before, he didn’t have it.  Going home to VA for a visit was impossible, so the kiddos and I went solo.  I’m hoping that since he’s not in the Main Seat, he’ll be able to take time off.  I have faith.

I am so grateful to my Father Above for providing this opportunity.  I have to say that unemployment looks really nice and is relatively easy to get – but for a man who prides himself on providing for his family, this just isn’t feasable.

I feel good about this decision that we’ve made as a family.


2 thoughts on “Going Forward By Looking Back

  1. Wow, praise God that this opportunity was available, and so quickly! Though I can understand why he’d be nervous, it sounds like being a step down could give him all the perks without the additional stress of the manager position.

    1. Thanks, Ronnica. That’s how I see it, as well. He was pretty quiet about how today went. I can’t say he enjoyed it, but I do know that the customers I saw go into the store when I took him lunch were *very* excited to see him. His boss never took him out of the computer. Maybe they knew he’d be back all along? He said it felt like he never left. That’s a good thing, me thinks.

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