Visual Learners, Observe

Have you ever wondered how much 30 g of sugar really is?  (Okay, I haven’t either, but wouldn’t it be fun if you could see how much sugar was in your Coke?)

Sugar Stacks has taken the guess work out of the question.  The authors of the website stack sugar cubes (each weighing in at 4 g each) up to our most popular eats and take pictures, showing us what it is really in our foods.

Some examples:

A can of coke contains 30 g of sugar.

Jello Gelatin contains 19 g of sugar (Almost as much sugar as a bowl of ice cream!)

Yoplait Yogurt contains 27 g.  (It’s light counter-part contains a bit less, but it still weighs in at 14 g of sugar).

A Cinnabon cinnamon roll contains 55 g of sugar!

Just as a reminder, while there is no recommended daily dose of sugar, the US Guidelines advises a maxium of 40 g of sugar per 2,000 calories consumed.

In a society that is so focused on fat and calories, let us remember to also watch sugar intake as well.  Remember, sugar isn’t just in the sweet stuff – BBQ sauce, salad dressing and ketchup also contain sugar.



4 thoughts on “Visual Learners, Observe

  1. I’ve monitored my sugar intake for about 40 years because I was diagnosed with low blood sugar. It does help keep the weight off but remaining active is absolutely essential too. Gotta burn up the ‘fuel’ one consumes or be a strict vegetarian to remain slender (as my doctor enjoys repeating). [lol]

    Happy 4th of July! :o)

    1. Good deal, Sparky. Here’s the key, I think as you can only live on a ‘diet’ for so long: moderation, moderation, moderation….

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