First Week on Twitter

This week, I’ll be giving updates on my Week of Firsts.  Today, I’m reviewing Twitter.


If you remember, I swore that I would never join.  And I held to that belief for a long time (how long has Twitter been main stream?)  Friends had asked, “Do you Twitter?”  I got tons of emails inviting me to Twitter.  I was able to resist – until the Man Beast joined.

Peer pressure I can handle.  But TMB pressure? Too.  Weak.  To.  Resist.

So, I joined – and I think my bff had a heart attack.

I’m definitely not a hard-core Tweeter.  I don’t sit at my computer for hours, Tweeting mindlessly.

I use my cell phone.

It’s the neatest feature (and I really hope my bff has turned off my instant  updates since Verizon is a big butt and only allows ‘unlimited text’ for Verizon/Alltel texts).  I don’t know many times have I been out about town and saw something that was completely and totally blog worthy…but by the time I got home, I lost it.  It’s really frustrating!  (I suppose I could always plug into a Smartphone…but this is one phenomenon that will probably never cross my path because I’m not ‘hard core’.  Nor do I think I will ever be…).

Even though my bff gets charged for instant Twitter updates, I do not…which means I was able to follow a blog friend, Ronnica.  It was kind of neat to be in town, doin’ my own thang and learn that Ronnica boxed up a billion chicken eggs.  Imparative to every day life?  No, of course not…but it’s neat to have a friend-connection like that without having to share phone numbers.  With bffs, you can call them up and say, “You’ll never guess what I’m doing…”  With online relationships, you typically don’t do that.  I mean you can…I know people have (I have, too)…but you don’t do that with all your online friends – and that’s okay.

Twitter was also a really neat resource for finding codes: Redbox, Pizza Hut, Swagbucks towards free stuff.

All in all, I really like Twitter.  Do I have a million followers?  No…but you know what?  I’m not sure I want a million followers (oh the pressure!)

I’m glad I gave Twitter a chance…and I will continue to Twitter casually.  I like Twitter.  It’s a fun diversion.

Tomorrow – First Week on Facebook (yes, really)



10 responses to this post.

  1. Ok, you’re making a good case for Twitter, but I’m still holding out. I can’t keep up with what I do already! 🙂


    • Hey, I hear ya! And if so many of my friends weren’t on Twitter, I probably wouldn’t be either – okay, so maybe I am caving to peer pressure 😉


  2. I’m so glad that you were able to keep up with my billion eggs!


  3. Why, land o’goshen, I’m all a twitter!! [lol]

    Gosh, I’m so behind the times. I don’t twitter, text, blackberry, iPod, or anything. Well, I hope it stays fun for ya. I’ll still be over here, banging two rocks together to communicate with the neighbors. [giggle] :o)


  4. Posted by ruqayyah1 on July 7, 2009 at 12:51 am

    FB! Now that is my thing, I love FB, so let me know once you are on there and I will “friend” you 🙂 FB is enough for me so I don’t plan to twitter, but my hubby does, he says he likes it because he doesn’t have the patience for blog posting, but he can do little bits here and there, lol. I love my blog would never give it up, and I really enjoy FB too. Although I must say that I occasionally neglect my blog when there is a lot going on on FB…


    • For those who aren’t familiar with Twitter, you are allowed to post small bits – I believe you have a 140 character limit (that includes spaces). Let’s think about this – 140 characters, sweet and to the point. Men, typically do not talk a whole lot (or at least not as much as us women)…I do believe Twitter was created by a man! LOL


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