First Week on Facebook

This week, I’ll be posting a week of firsts.  Click here to read my first week on Twitter.

You know, it’s funny – you can stay away from something so long, resist it if you will, when something completely unexpected changes your mind.  This is how I’ve felt about Facebook and MySpace.

A lot of people I know have a MS account.  My 18 yr old SIL has a MySpace page.  MySpace never really appealed to me much.  It always seemed so childish (no offense to those of you who have MySpace accounts!)  I just couldn’t be bothered.  I was quite content with my blog.

Then, I started hearing about Facebook.  Everyone said, “Oh, you gotta join Facebook!  I just found so-and-so from high school!”  Well, to be honest, there was nobody from high school that I wanted to find.  I didn’t have happy memories of my past and I didn’t want to hash them up.

And then family happened.  There’s just something about family that makes things okay, isn’t there?

I found out that my mother joined Facebook after getting a computer and found my brother.  Now, my brother and I text and occassionally talk – but it’s not a weekly thing.  He’s a new husband and daddy – he’s too busy for all of that!  But he did Facebook when he had the time.  So, this got the wheels turning.

Then the Man Beast entered the picture and joined.  Well, I can’t have TMB chatting it up with my baby bro while I stay out of the loop – that just can’t happen!  So, I joined.  And my bff promptly passed out.

The thing I like most about Facebook is that I get to approve everything.  Aside from friends’ comments, I approve everything that goes onto my page – including my friends.  That level of control … I just dig that, man.

Oh, and remember when I said I thought MySpace was too childish?  Facebook has tons of stuff that is way more childish than MySpace.  I believe TMB is currently doing Mafia Wars (not sure what that’s about…but not interested, so it’s okay).  I got hooked into Sorority Life from a few friends. Totally not me…which is why it’s so fun.

And speaking of friends…I did find a friend from high school.  She and bff and I all used to hang out – before my family moved to another district in the city and I went to another high school.  It’s been neat being able to reconnect with her.

Oh and check this out – I found Baby Gurl’s speech therapists.  These woman are terrific and I feel so blessed that they were able to come into our lives when we needed them most.

I’ve also been able to reconnect with online friends whom I’ve lost contact.  That part has been really neat because not only do I get to ‘talk’ to these friends, but as they post pictures, I also am able to see their growing family.

And last but not least – family.  Yeah, my mom and brother are my ‘friends’ on Facebook.  I also found family in AZ from my dad’s side (that’s been really cool).

All in all – Facebook really is a great way to meet up with old friends (and in my case, speech therapists and family) as well as new friends.  It’s a-okay in my book.



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  1. I like Facebook because it’s allowed me to stay connected with my college friends (it just came out my senior year). I don’t mind that my family and others are on there, but I really still use it to stay connected with those people.


    • Two college friends that I’d really like to get in touch with (they were like roomies, even though they were across the hall), I cannot find. So, I’m thinking they are hiding…or just not FB’ing. And hey, let’s face it – up to a week ago, I wasn’t either.


  2. I’m enjoying FB too but am still holding out on MS. Gosh, I’ve got enough passWORDS to remember. I swear if I have to remember one more I’ll pass OUT! [giggle]

    I too have found some of my ancient (to you) friends and some new family. Oh, and also one person whom my adopted family had a photo of from the 1940’s in western Pennsylvania! Groovy, man.

    I’m totally hooked on Pirates (arrr) and now am playing Sorority Life … thanks to you! :o)


  3. […] Filed under: School Daze | Tags: School Ramblings | This week is a week of firsts.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Burns.  And today – OT […]


  4. Sing it, sister! I was dragged, kicking and screaming, onto Facebook a few years ago. I wanted NOTHING to do with it. Since that time though, I have become an addict. It is always on behind the other windows I’m working in, and I check in a LOT. For me it wasn’t family related – it was friends. I have found it so amazing to hook up with friends I never in a million years thought I’d ever see again. You can’t go home again, it’s true, but reconnecting on an adult level is often a wonderful experience. Sure there are a few people who have found ME that I wish hadn’t, but like you said, you have total control over who you add to your friends list, and who can see what on your profile. I like that too, control freak that I am.

    My teen has had a FB account for an equal amount of time – the deal was (and still is, even though she’s almost 15) that I get the login for any online account she has, and she realizes that I can and will check on it from time to time. I don’t spy on her, because I believe kids deserve a certain level of privacy, but I have caught a few things happening that I didn’t approve of, and nipped them in the bud. Don’t even get me started on the available Apps though – some are downright disgusting and/or pornographic. She thankfully has a good head on her shoulders, and thinks “WWMT” (what would Mom think?) before she joins.

    I am A-OK with Facebook, and I’m glad you finally caved in and joined. You’ll love it!


    • The boy wants a cell phone. His BFF at church (who is younger) has a cell phone. His daddy and I don’t feel he NEEDS a cell phone…so, no cell phone. He’s jonesing for MySpace…or Facebook. But he’s not even 12 yet…so I’m thinking Rite of Passage. Eventually.


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