First for Baby Gurl

Baby Gurl receives her first 2nd degree burn

Baby Gurl receives her first 2nd degree burn

I have an electric stove with the metal coils.  Baby Gurl decided to touch said coil while a pot was on the stove heating water for her Ramen!  What possessed her to do this, I don’t know. But never again will I take for granted that my kids just know not to do something simply because it’s common sense.

I believe common sense doesn’t exist for the kiddos – all kiddos – not just mine.  And I believe it has nothing to do with intelligence – the common sense button just does not exist for the wee ones.

What you see is her sitting on the den couch with her finger (left hand – she’s left handed) in a bowl of cool water.  I gave her some Tylenol and a couple of hours later, she felt better.

“It still hurts sometimes, Mom”

I know, baby doll.  It’ll feel better soon.

Oh…and remember the Haiku that I royally messed up last week?  I’m here to do it again!  This week’s theme: favorite gadget. (A coffee pot is a gadget, right?)

Join the fun!

Oh, Mr. Coffee!

Legal stimulants galore.

You awaken me.



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  1. You’re so awesome 🙂 Love the Haiku!

    Touching a hot coil is not awesome. Poor sweetie! Not the way she’d prefer to learn that particular lesson. Have to tell you though, I learned the same lesson around her age, only it was my entire hand as I reached above the stove to get something, resting my other hand over the burner. I will never forget that so long as I live – lucky I wasn’t scarred for life. Did have a very interesting mark on my palm for a while though…


    • YOUR WHOLE HAND?? Bless your heart. And you say it didn’t scar?

      The worst part about being a mom is watching your kids learn lessons the hard way. And usually, I’m pretty anal about these things, “Stove’s on. It’s hot. Don’t touch.” But the ONE time I don’t do it – THIS happens.

      *sigh* You’ll be happy to know today that she has just a bit of a white spot on the tip of her index finger. She says it doesn’t hurt anymore. I suppose the fact that she was wrestling with Big Brother proves it…


  2. Posted by Clare on July 8, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Awww poor little girl!


  3. Poor Baby Gurl! I hope she feels better soon. Owie. :o)


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  5. Posted by Mom on July 16, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Hey…how is baby gurl….my baby gurl that is..Baby Gurl, please be smart and do not touch HOT stuff..even your mom listened when I said HOT (the second time..after she lightly touched it) You take care Baby gurl..grandma loves you.


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