First for Baby Gurl

Baby Gurl receives her first 2nd degree burn
Baby Gurl receives her first 2nd degree burn

I have an electric stove with the metal coils.  Baby Gurl decided to touch said coil while a pot was on the stove heating water for her Ramen!  What possessed her to do this, I don’t know. But never again will I take for granted that my kids just know not to do something simply because it’s common sense.

I believe common sense doesn’t exist for the kiddos – all kiddos – not just mine.  And I believe it has nothing to do with intelligence – the common sense button just does not exist for the wee ones.

What you see is her sitting on the den couch with her finger (left hand – she’s left handed) in a bowl of cool water.  I gave her some Tylenol and a couple of hours later, she felt better.

“It still hurts sometimes, Mom”

I know, baby doll.  It’ll feel better soon.

Oh…and remember the Haiku that I royally messed up last week?  I’m here to do it again!  This week’s theme: favorite gadget. (A coffee pot is a gadget, right?)

Join the fun!

Oh, Mr. Coffee!

Legal stimulants galore.

You awaken me.



8 thoughts on “First for Baby Gurl

  1. You’re so awesome 🙂 Love the Haiku!

    Touching a hot coil is not awesome. Poor sweetie! Not the way she’d prefer to learn that particular lesson. Have to tell you though, I learned the same lesson around her age, only it was my entire hand as I reached above the stove to get something, resting my other hand over the burner. I will never forget that so long as I live – lucky I wasn’t scarred for life. Did have a very interesting mark on my palm for a while though…

    1. YOUR WHOLE HAND?? Bless your heart. And you say it didn’t scar?

      The worst part about being a mom is watching your kids learn lessons the hard way. And usually, I’m pretty anal about these things, “Stove’s on. It’s hot. Don’t touch.” But the ONE time I don’t do it – THIS happens.

      *sigh* You’ll be happy to know today that she has just a bit of a white spot on the tip of her index finger. She says it doesn’t hurt anymore. I suppose the fact that she was wrestling with Big Brother proves it…

  2. Hey…how is baby gurl….my baby gurl that is..Baby Gurl, please be smart and do not touch HOT stuff..even your mom listened when I said HOT (the second time..after she lightly touched it) You take care Baby gurl..grandma loves you.

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