First Week in OT History

This week is a week of firsts.  TwitterFacebookBurns.  And today – OT History.

I started school in May.  I’m currently in my second class: Old Testament History.  I’ve been looking forward to this class since starting Chemistry in May, but now I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into.

I’d like to start off by saying that I have a huge guilt complex.  I have no idea where this came from but basically this is how I roll: if someone is upset and ranting and raving in general, I feel like I’m to blame.  I’m sure there’s some dysfunctionality in there somewhere…

So, when I sign in on my first day of class (I’m attending classes online), and I read a page-long rant about what the professor expects from our papers and our class discussions in general, I immediately start feeling that he’s talking directly to me; in a nutshell, I suck as a college student.

Now, rationally, I realize that he’s speaking to the whole class and chance are, he’s come across students who would make these writing infractions in past classes.  Unfortunately, it’s not my own rationality I’m relying on, but bff’s.  And TMB’s.  My rationality – it’s gone out the window.

I’ve turned in the first week’s assignment – a time line of major events in the Old Testament and how they coincide with major world events.  Sounds easy enough, right?  I agonized over the assignment.  Currently, I’m agonizing over the grade.  I haven’t received a grade for it yet and I’m nervous.  Did I fail because I noticed (after I submitted the assignment) that there were three typos?  Did I include too much information?  Not enough?  I. just. don’t. know.

In the midst of all this mental agony, I’m working on this week’s assignment – a paper discussing the nature of sin and how it spread into the world as recorded in Genesis 3-11.  The line of reasoning I’m using is Adam & Eve –> Cain & Abel –> The Great Flood.  I just hope that I’m on the right track.  For the first time in my life I created an outline of the paper so I wouldn’t get lost in an aimless rambling (which as you all know, I have a tendancy to ramble…this blog is a classic explample).

My plan is to get it finished – correction, get the rough draft finished – today, print it out, and then agonize over it for a few days until I finally turn it on on Sunday.

So, at this point, you’re thinking I hate the class, right?  No!  I really do enjoy the class.  The text (once I got used to the language – yes, I’m a bit on the slow side when it comes to getting used to ‘voice’), is very interesting and I’m learning things I never knew (did you know the first time it rained was when God sent the Flood?)  If I could just get my first assigment back, learn how this professor grades, and then attempt to perform to his standards, I’ll be fine…



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  1. I so get the guilt thing. I truly believe it is a Mom?woman thing. Good luck with the paper.


    • Hey, Annie. Yes, you’re probably right. Sometimes, I really envy my husband for being able to separate what is and what is perceived…


  2. Many years ago, I watched a TV program called Zola Levitt. He may still be on the air, I don’t know. Anyway, he is a Jewish Christian and taught ONLY from the Old Testament. In his teachings he showed how everything points to Christ. I learned a lot about the OT from him. We only disagreed on some finer points. Might wanna see if you can find him on the air or one of his DVD’s. It’s quite educational.

    Good luck on yourlessons and lose the guilt. Once one learns that the whole world doesn’t revolve around one, guilt slips away (I’m talking about myself here ’cause I used to have a problem with that too). I know you’ll do just fine. Relax. Have fun! :o)


    • That’s so true Sparky – if I take things personally, that means I’m rather self-centered. Point taken (even if you were talking about yourself…lesson I need to learn, too)

      Have you ever listened to Sid Roth, “The Man Who is Red-Hot for Jesus”? He’s stationed up in Brunswick (I think). Good stuff from a Messianic Jew…


  3. The mere fact that you’re worried about how you did makes you more conscientious than many of your fellow students… least, that’s what I learned from my kids who’ve gone to college recently!

    Hang tight, you’ll do fine, I’m sure 🙂


  4. I’m glad that you’re doing this…I’m sure you’ll do fine!


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