It’s Camp Time – Again

This morning, Baby Gurl and I dropped The Boy off at church for church camp. He’s not staying at the church, of course; he’s actually going away for five days, four nights.  A bit shorter (and probably a whole lot easier than his Boyscout Camping Trip).

While I was clueless about the BS camping trip (and a bit nervous), I am excited about my boy going to church camp this summer (his first!). I remember when I went to church camp in high school. It was the coolest! I’m sure a lot has changed, but after looking at staff members, it’s amazing to see Mike is still there…she made such an impact on me as a young Christian.

When I went, my sister and I participated in the YES! Camp (Youth Encountering Servanthood). For the first week, we got to experience camp as campers.  The second week, we were like mini-counselors.  It was a lot of fun and an experience I’ll never forget.  I liked it so much that at one time, I thought that I’d like to go back up to the camp as a counselor.  I never made it – but the idea is fresh in my mind.  I’d love to see the kiddos able to experience something like this.

To me, this is what being young is all about – experiencing things for the first time and being able to explore. I never went on a Mission Trip – but I so wanted to!  Both of the kids have a real heart for helping.  If at all possible, and they ever have the desire, I would love to be able to fund a trip for them to go on a Mission Trip.

Thankfully, I’ve got a few years before they’ll be able to go.  I hope that with me going back to school and getting my degree, The Man Beast and I will be afford experiences like this for the kids.

The Boy will be missed.  In true precociousness, The Boy got a commitment out of me before I left the church to take him to the beach when he got back. I said I would.  Maybe I won’t get lost this time…



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