Not a Gym Rat – But Close

Did I tell you I joined a gym?

To look at me and hear me talk, one wouldn’t think I’m much of a gym person.  I took a quiz on Facebook on being a Girly Girl and one of the questions was something about make up and the gym.  I’m sorry.  That does not compute.

The Man Beast and I had contemplated joining a gym for about six months before making a decision.

Curves was an option for me.  I get a corporate discount because I work in the school system. It was very affordable.

Unfortunately, there was no childcare and Curves has limited hours (although word has it that they’re adding more hours this month).

Also, as I’m sure you’re aware – Curves is just for women.  This means, nothing for the kiddos to do and no place for them to go.  It kind of puts TMB out of the loop, too.

So, our next option was to get a Curves membership for me and a gym membership for him.  Separate, both were relatively affordable.  Together – not so much.  Besides, since it was me who worked through the school system, I’d have to sign up to receive a gym discount and add TMB – even if I had no intention on workout out in the facilities.  One plus – they did have childcare.

But the gym looked really scary.  And I really didn’t relish the idea of working out in front of some buff dude who spent all of his time checking out his pecs in a nearby mirror.  (This is why Curves held such appeal for me.)

Since being out of school for the summer, the kids have been a bit restless.  A friend from church has invited us over to go swimming on occasion, but other than that, we haven’t done much.

Enter the local Y.

The Y has a fitness center, a childcare center and an indoor pool.  Score!

So, for the past two weeks, I’ve been working out at the Y.

The first time I stepped into the fitness center – by myself – was intimidating.  Very intimidating.  I had wanted to meet with a trainer to get trained on the machines but she wasn’t available, so I just decided I’d get on the treadmill.  Certainly that wouldn’t be difficult.

Um.  Yeah.  Remember, I’m not just any idiot.  Luckily, I didn’t hurt myself and nobody talked to me so I was able to figure out the huge contraption with all the buttons and gizmos.  I ended up walking for an hour.  When I got off the machine, my legs felt like jello and I was dizzy.  Even now, two weeks later, I still feel dizzy when I get off of the machine.  I think it’s the fact that I walk and walk and walk and never get anywhere.

The next day, I met with the trainer who showed me how to use a handful of the machines that would work my arms and legs.  She was awesome and really put me at ease. She gave me a sheet that tells me what settings to put the machines on as well as how many reps of each machine.

I look like a complete dork walking around with my clipboard, adjusting the machines and marking off my reps.

But you know what – I’m okay with this.  Nobody has said a word to me.  I’m okay with this, too.  I did have one guy suggest that I was doing an exercise wrong.  I thanked him and corrected my form.

Working out at the Y has been easier than expected.  Getting their is the hardest part of the whole thing.  Once I do, however, I find that an hour workout (30 min of cardio/30 min of strength training) goes by very, very quickly.  I’m amazed at how quickly my body has ‘learned’.  I’ll be upping the weights for a handful of machines I use as the reps are becoming too easy.  In fact yesterday, I did interval running on the treadmill!  Granted, I was only going 4.5 mph…but hey, it’s a start!


3 thoughts on “Not a Gym Rat – But Close

  1. Ew, ick, ugh, I haven’t been to a gym in about 100 years … well, since we left Jax 16+ years ago. And my glutamus maxiumus shows it too. [smile] Keep working out and eventually your bod will look like you work out. [wink]

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