Back-to-School Countdown: Two Weeks

School (and work) starts back for us two weeks from today!  Where has the summer gone?  It seems like the first couple of weeks dragged on and then all of the sudden there was:




Oh my.

But really – summer is good as gone.  But you’ve got two weeks, you might be saying.  What a busy two weeks they will be:

Baby Gurl has an appointment today at 1 (please keep us in your prayers)

I need to get eye exams for the kids and dentist appointments.

Back-to-school shopping has to be done.

And if you want to get techinical, since I have to help MA set up our classroom, there’s really only one more week of summer left – filled with appointments.  Joy.

Now, why didn’t I get the appointments out of the way earlier in the summer?  One word: money. I was able to get two financial aid refund checks, though.  The first one went to catch up bills that we got behind on when TMB didn’t get a check for a month.  This one will go towards dentist and eye appointments, eye glasses and back to school shopping.

I am grateful that I have the money to do these things as God knew it was a concern of mine.  It has been laying heavily on my heart all summer – how to do all I need to do with limited funds?

God heard my prayers and I know that we’ll be okay.

Speaking of prayers, I ask that you keep not only Baby Gurl in your prayers today, but also TMB and The Boy.  It seems like they both have a touch of food poisoning from yesterday’s lunch out.  I thought The Boy also has what seems to be a cold…but could be the flu.

Trying to keep Baby Gurl and I healthy while taking care of my men.  (I can call the Boy a man – right?)



4 responses to this post.

  1. Gosh, y’all have a lot on your plates this week and all summer. Ours has crazy too with hospitals, doctors, etc. [sigh]

    I’m so glad the financial side improved for you. Looks like we’re all squeezing pennies lately trying to make ends meet.
    God is good here too, though, and I have no complaints.

    Anyway, y’all are in our prayers. I hope “the boys” are better soon too. 😉 I’ve had food poisoning many years ago and it can be dangerous. It took me 2 weeks to feel better again. Yucko. Blah. ha ha


    • I got food poisoning when we first moved here at Wendy’s – haven’t been back there in almost four years. It definitely leaves an impression on you.


  2. Wow, back to school so soon? We go back the week after labour day here. Our summer vacation is only 3 weeks old! I won’t even get my Teen back for 4 more weeks… boy do I miss that kid.

    Did I miss something, somewhere? Is baby gurl sick?

    Food poisoning is bad news, I’ve had it several times. Hope they feel better soon.

    Hope you have time for your usual witty haiku tomorrow? 😉


    • We got out the third week of May. Word around town is that for next year, we might start at the end of August instead of the first of it…who knows.

      No, Baby Gurl wasn’t sick…she had a different kind of doctor’s appointment.

      The boys are feeling better today 🙂


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