My Sister is Getting Married (Finally!)

My wonderful sister, The-California-Chick-Living-in-Virginia-Even-Though-She’s-Never-Been-to-California (I’ll call her The Cool Sister), is finally getting married this October.  She and her fiance have been dating forever and finally decided on a date (I’m so excited).

I haven’t talked much about my sister.  Let me introduce her.

First off, I should say that she is my step-sister – or ex-step sister (it’s complicated).  We never use the step-part.  She’s just as much of my life now as she was when we were in high school and I love her.

I gave her the obnoxiously long YoYo name because my sister, in all sense of the word, is a California chick.  She’s liberal and not the least bit materialistic.  She eats very little red meat and has tofu on her plate at least once a week.  She’s an aspiring cook and loves to experiment with all the foods that my family wouldn’t touch in a million years (like asparagus!)  She is crazy passionate about what she believes and she will fight to the death for her family.

She is a great chick.

But, we are different – vastly different.  Politically.  Religously.  Every day life (I’ve tried tofu…I just do not like it).  We’ve been different since the day we met back when she was 15 and I was 16.  But somehow…we always got along.  We still do.

And because she’s so great and because her fiance is so great, I need to come up with a great wedding present.  It can’t be anything foo-foo (we dont’ do foo-foo).  It can’t be anything traditional (she is so not traditional).  I want it special and I want it to be something that she will treasure for always.

Any ideas?

Periodically, until October, I will be doing a series – My Sister is Getting Married (Finally!).  I will discuss all things wedding – engagement/proposal, cereamony, food, gifts and anything else I can think up.

I hope you’ll join me!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Well, I always just go with what I think they would like and use. Sorry to be so vague but choicing gifts is so personal. Maybe you will be a good influence on ‘sis’ and bring her over from the Dark Side. 🙂


    • Oh dear, dear friend. I seriously doubt I’ll being her over from the Dark Side as you say. Didn’t you hear? My whole family is from what you call The Dark Side. The Man Beast and I are like an island – all by our little lonesome.

      Yes, I agree that gifts should be personal. I have some time to think about it – but Lord, I want it to special, ya know? And the last thing I want to do is offend my sister or my future brother-in-law.


  2. I meant to say “Choosing” not “choicing” … duh! ha ha


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