Silly Haiku Wednesday – Cupcakes!

Join the fun!

Has it been a week already?

This week’s theme is CUPCAKES (who doesn’t like cupcakes?  Come on…tell me who and I’ll kick em in the shin and tell them to stop the silliness).

If you want to participate (or just read other great haikus) head on over to You Know…that Blog and check em out!

Dear little cupcake!
Sweet bundle of calories
You are SO worth it



5 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice, and so true! Especially when you’re talking about the cupcakes made by Doodle Cakes (from my blog). She’s bent on making me fat(ter)…!!


  2. This does cheer me up on a Wednesday, usually a bit of a non-decript day to Haiku distraction is good.

    It’s amazing how so many of us referred to the calories in the cupcakes! At least they are small – well as long as you only eat one!


  3. yes, beauty and worth in the eye (and mouth) of the beholder…
    i love this!


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