Silly Haiku Wednesday – Friends

Join the fun!

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA, but I’ve also been BUSY.  I’ll find my groove where I can do everything I want to do…but for now, I’m touch and go.  I just PRAY that the readers I do have, stay put!  Don’t go anywhere – because I’m not.

And now for my haiku.  The theme this week is friends.  Jump on over to Jenn’s blog to read the rest of the entries.  Jenn is my friend…wanna know why?  Because she continues to check on me…even WHEN I’m MIA.  Hard to believe a bloggy friend would care so much – but she does…and that’s a-okay in my book!

Good friends are treasures
Best friends invaluable
My friends are the best!


9 thoughts on “Silly Haiku Wednesday – Friends

  1. We’ll stay put ’cause we’re probably all busy too (I know I am). I’m having an MRI done tomorrow at O’Dark Thirty for a persistant hip pain and it’s going to be a loooooong day. 🙂

    1. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers tomorrow, Sparky. You don’t Twitter by chance? Then you could keep me updated as soon as you got done! (Do you text? LOL)

  2. Me no text good … giggle And I’d don’t twitter, even though I’ve been known to be all aflutter.

    Thanks for the prayers. They are VERY appreciated! 🙂 It’s not a biggy though. Doctor O’Brien sez I either have bursitis and/or a cracked femur. Either one is fixable. It’s rough getting old. [ha ha]

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