This Side of Perfect

If I were to rename this blog (which I’m highly considering), I would call it This Side of Perfect.

Back when I moved my Blogspot blog over to WordPress, I changed the name to The Horizontal YoYo with the idea that a regular yoyo goes up down while a not-so-perfect yoyo goes out and in (horizontal). I don’t think it’s an idea that people quite got the hang of, but this side of perfect everybody ‘gets’.
And fortunately (or unfortunately), it describes me perfectly.
It’s been three months since I’ve ventured into the blogging world. Using the excuse that ‘I’m busy’ seems hardly justified. After all, isn’t everyone busy? Of course they are; otherwise, they’d be dead.
I envision myself having all these spinning plates atop poles. Each plate represents a different aspect of my life: home, kids, husband, work, school, church. Some of those plates have to stay where they are (all the ones I’ve mentioned), but there are other mini-plates that are the ‘extras’ in my life that I’d like to keep spinning, but usually let fall until I have time or gumption to pick them up again. Blogging was one of my mini-plates.
I can’t promise that I’m back (because really, I never left – I’ve been Twittering (some), Facebooking (a lot) and emailing friends and family). But I’m going to attempt to come back more often. Maybe I can spend a couple of hours on the weekend writing for the following week.
Planning.  Yeah, that’s what it’s called.

Anyway, this side of perfect is me in a nutshell. In most aspects of my life, I fall this side of perfect*.

*I totally get the irony – there is nothing perfect this side of heaven. Cut me a little slack, k?

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