Winding down another year…

It’s always fun to look back over the year through blogging.

The first blog posts of the year are always fun, especially when they involve an obnoxiously long list of unresolved resolutions. When I look over my list of 52 Weeks of Resolutions, I chuckle to myself. I’ve always been a bit over zelous when it comes to my whims. If I really dwelled over everything that I didn’t do, I would get depressed. Let’s face it – as this list is written, I didn’t accomplish anything. But when I turn my head to the right and squint my eyes just so, I can see that this has been a good year after all.

I became CPR certified. I worked on my couponing skills. The Boy took his first out-of-town field trip and TMB and I took Baby Gurl somewhere all by herself. Mini Bro was born.

I decided to go back to school to get my degree in education. Little did I know that instead of majoring in English as I had before, my path would detour to a stronger calling. I spent time in the kitchen with Baby Gurl as she really showed an interest this year.

The year had a few silly ups and some really sad downs. But we’ve survived. And even thrived.

So, even though I wasn’t able to cross a single thing off my list of resolutions, I feel like I had a good year. My family had a good year. Sure, we’ve had some ups and downs – what life wouldn’t be completely with the roller coaster? I truly believe that it’s through our trials that we grow stronger and it’s in our trials that we appreciate the peaks in life.

So, good bye 2009 and hello 2010. My lapbelt is in place; my harness is tight against my chest. All my valuables are tucked safely by me and the adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I am ready to for another year on The Roller Coaster of Life.

Until next time,


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