2009 A Year of Firsts

I thought a really neat  way of wrapping up 2009 was discussing my list of firsts – especially since I’ve had so many.

2009 List of Firsts (in no particular order)

1. I got my first pedicure. I went out with two girlfriends from work and we got pedicures. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really freaked out when they brought out the razor blade! But it turned out okay. It was super relaxing. Never mind that two minutes out of the store, I had scuffed one of my toes and ruined my polish. Two weeks ago, I went for a pedicure and manicure. This time, I didn’t even get out of the shop before I bummed both my feet and my hands! I’ve opted to keep the polish on my feet, but when I go back for my nails, I’m doing clear polish. It’s just better that way.

2. I drove my first go kart. I am 33 years old and I have never driving a go kart, much less ridden in one. It was the coolest thing I think I have ever done in my whole entire life! TMB, kiddos and I went to a sports park for The Boy’s birthday in November. We were the first ones there, so we got the whole park to ourselves.

3. I hit balls in a batting cage. During our sports park excursion, we all got into the batting cages and hit balls.  Baby Gurl (BG) and I did 12 mph softballs while TMB and the boy did 60 and 80 mph baseballs.  No thank you. I was giddy just hitting the softballs!

4. I went in my first corn maze. Earlier this year, Baby Gurl’s Girlscout troop went to a local farm where they have a corn maze. I had never been in a corn maze before. Baby Gurl and I both got to experience this together. It was awesome.

5. I went to Savannah. I’ve been in Georgia for almost nine years and even though I’m only two hours from the city, I went to Savannah for the first time this year. And I only got lost once.

6. I watched Disney on Ice. In Savannah. Finding Nemo was such a fun show to watch!

7. I got CPR certified. This happened early in the year, but it still happened…and it was my first time.  But it won’t be my last.

8. I played racquetball. I’ve never played but I went to the local Y and played with a friend from work. It is so much fun! It burns major calories, but it doesn’t feel like exercise. Was I any good? No, but being this side of perfect, I’m used to not doing anything well.  But it doesn’t stop me from doing it and having fun!

9. I ordered Christmas gifts online. There is definitely to this shopping-online-business.  It’s super easy, you don’t have to fight crowds, and you can find some great deals!

10. I went to the dentist. Yes, I’ve been to the dentist – in the past. As a kid. While living at home. Lacking proper insurance, I had not been to the dentist since moving out of my parents house and getting married.

11. I got my first root canal. See #10. I don’t recommend not going to the dentist. Preventative maintenance is the key!

12. I bought a dog. I’ve never bought a dog in my life (adult or otherwise). In November, a friend at work posted on Facebook a picture of the litter her dog had delivered. One little guy just called to me. He’s a shiht zuh – a dog I swore I would never own – we are a big dawg family. That theory has just flown out the window.

13. I joined Facebook!

14. I joined Twitter!

15. I am the proud owner of a Blackberry Storm. I know the iPhones are all the rage, but I do love my BB.

16. I cooked yeast rolls for the first time.

17. I met my brother’s wife and their two boys.

18. I was in a wedding – my sister’s.

19. I ate at Red Robin – yummm

20. I made homemade macaroni and cheese – southern style.

21. I kept a secret from The Man Beast. I am terrible at keeping secrets from him – and he doesn’t do that great of a job keeping them from me, either. But this year, I wanted to surprise him for Christmas. So, I didn’t tell him I got paid or that I bought him the oven of his dreams. Baby Gurl almost gave it away when TMB started talking about his toys that he wanted for Christmas. So, he knew he was getting something (which I had originally wanted him not to think he was getting anything at all). But he was totally surprised and overjoyed when he got his toy for Christmas.

22. I helped throw a wedding shower. A friend at work got married this month and another friend and I put together a shower with the help of a few other ladies. I’ve never done it.  But now I know how…and now I hope I get a lot of opportunities to do it! Next on my list: throwing a baby shower (also something I’ve never done!)

23. I tried a new cookie recipe this Christmas.

24. I had pickle sandwiches for the first time. I also made pickle sandwiches this Christmas. I think I’ll make it a tradition.

25. I walked in a parade! BG’s Girl Scout troop was in the parade this year. I was one of the parents who walked with them. It was so fun!

Looking back over my list, I’m pretty excited at some of the ‘firsts’ that I’ve accomplished this year. I wonder what next year will bring?

Until next time…


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  1. When you get recertified in CPR, you can do this online as well. There are many places to get it done and we offer the training, but I would recommend that if you decide to use this route, that you use a company that ensures your satisfaction and requires that you take a test prior to getting certified. That tends to increase its validity.


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