School Starts

Yesterday, my spring semester at school started. I’m taking my first education course and it says right on the syllabus: writing intensive.

No joke!

The first semesters of class were a piece of cake! This class is just starting to get into the meat and potatoes of it all.

But I suspect a large part of it stems from the fact that it’s all so new to me. For example, I had to buy a subscription to an online portfolio service so that I can start building my portfolio for after I graduate (tentative date: February 2013). I have weekly papers due. I’ve had weekly papers due for all of my classes thus far except chemistry, but they’ve been papers I can just shoot out in three hours time (okay, maybe an hour on some of the shorter ones).  The papers for this class aren’t short. Where as past papers were between 500-1000 words, these papers are 1500+. Yikes!

On top of the weekly papers due, I have journals do each week plus a benchmark paper at the end of the eight weeks.

I’m not complaining. This is what I signed on for. I’m excited that this is my first education class. I’m excited because I’m finally over the freshman classes and can finally study for my degree. I’m excited because my money is actually going towards something!

But I’m nervous because it’s all so new. But, being it’s a 200/300 course, I know that I’ll probably get walked through it a bit more than if it were a 400 class. Besides, once I get the feel for how the higher-level classes work, I’ll feel more confident in my studies.

That said – I’ll have to make very good use of my time this semester. There won’t be anymore waiting-until-the-weekend-to-do-my-work. In fact, I would love to get my work done by Friday so I have the weekend to relax with the family.

Let the games begin.

Until next time…


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