6 Word Saturday 1/9

Girl Scouts, Grocery Shopping and Papers

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! (Oh! That’s six words, too!)


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  1. You forgot to link yourself up on Cate’s meme! I did it for you 🙂

    Happy birthday to your hubby!


  2. happy birthday to your loved one…may his year be filled with only grand moments and memories to savor for a lifetime! and as for girl scouts…hhhmmm…is it cookie time yet? brightets blessings~


    • Thank you, so much! Why, yes, it IS cookie time. We have a new one out: white chocolate and cranberries. It’s called Thank You Berry Much. It’s delish!


  3. Yay for Girl Scouts!! I loved girl scouts as a child! Have fun today! And Happy Birthday to your husband!


  4. Saw this was your first Saturday in 6WS!! You’ll love it!! I get more visitors on Saturdays than any other day of the week!! Happy Six Word Saturday! Love your words!!


  5. Hi Iva-
    I’m Judd Corizan. I host what I think are two of the best memes in the blogosphere. On Fridays, we do The Dating Profiles Meme (http://dailyprofilememe.blogspot.com). We grab lines from profiles on sites like Match.com and allow you to give a snarky or humorous response. On Sundays we do Sunday Stealing (http://sundaystealing.blogspot.com) where each week we rip of a great meme from someone’s blog. we give full credit to the blogger and have had over 80 players on some weeks. A great Saturday meme (which is not mine) is Saturday 9 (http://samanthasaturday9.blogspot.com) where Samantha Winters brings a new set of questions each week. She gets between 30-40 players each week. All three memes post around 3 PM (EST) a day in advance.

    You are officially invited to join in! Happy New Year!

    Judd Corizan


  6. Happy Birthday to your Hubby, and a Happy 6WS to you . 🙂


  7. You are a busy girl..


  8. Well happy birthday to your husband
    A six word response from the


  9. Happy birthday to your husband! I hope you all had a great day. Thanks for playing 6WS.


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