Not a great start…but it’s a start!

Hello Mamavation Moms (and anyone else who happens to venture over to my corner of the shell)! I hope that your week was successful and that your goals are in the right direction.

As promised, I am returning today to report in to all my Mamavation Mom. I’m afraid I don’t have a great week to report, but the fact that I’m reporting it instead of hiding out on my side of the screen has to account for something, right?

Last week (Well, Monday & Tuesday, at least) were the last days of Christmas break. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on those days – no snacks and no working out. Wednesday was my first day back and was also the day that I came home to no water.  No, my pipes weren’t frozen (that happened yesterday, thankyouverymuch). Long story short, I misread my bill and they shut me off a day before I was going to pay it (doh!). The Man Beast straightened everything out and four little bodies that went to school/work dirty, were able to get cleaned the next day. All was good in my world again.

All in all – last week was a bust. I didn’t do anything to work towards my healthy goals. Nothing. Nada.

This week I have plans, though. I have my fit buddy’s schedule and we’re planning on hitting the Y at least three times this week! I bought a new Pur water filter for my faucet mount, so I’m all set to get some fresh, clean water to start my day. I am ready to make this week better than last!

Keep on keeping on ladies even if you have a bad week. Because a bad week doesn’t undo your success, not correcting your course. I know what I did wrong last week. I know what to fix. I’m looking forward. Why would I look back? I can’t change anything about the past.  I’m not looking at tomorrow. I can’t control tomorrow anymore than I can control yesterday…but I can control today (well, certain aspects of it – certainly how I react to whatever happens).

I am in charge. You are in charge. Do ever let setbacks permanently set you back. This is what I did in the past and it is how I gained almost 20 of the 40 lbs I lost. Keep on keeping on.

Until next time…


9 responses to this post.

  1. Your thinking positive and moving forward! Looking forward to being a part of your journey of becoming healthier.


  2. I’m proud of you for admitting your rough week. You’ll make this week a better one, and I want to hear about it each day. No hiding behind the screen over there!! HUGS


  3. it’s important to take the stumbles we have and make them into positive learning experiences. You look to be doing just that. It was a tough week for you without water. I would have died. lol
    Can’t wait to see more from you next week!


  4. You are in charge and I am so glad you can admit when a week is not the best ever. It just means we will pat you on the back for now but hold you accountable for the changes you will report next week. You will have a great week!


  5. You can make this week better. It is one step at a time. Keep drinking that water!!


  6. I like how you are talking to yourself. You are absolutely right and your attitude about this is going to get you to your goal. XXOO


  7. It takes guts to report that! It reminds us that it’s not just ourselves that do this. Thank you so much & good luck on your goals for the week!


  8. I love your attitude. Keep looking forward – we can’t change the past but we can do great things in the present and the future!


  9. Fessing up and having a plan are HUGELY important! You are on the right track!!

    You can do this, girl!


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