Do You Zumba?

I do!

And it kicked. my. tail!

Notice in the video that everyone has one thing in common – rhythm. Yeah, I don’t have that. You know all the stereotypical things they say about white people? Well, the thing about rhythm happens to be true in my case!

My local Y has free Zumba classes for members Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays are out because of scouts, so Thursdays are the day of choice.

My first class was an experience. Picture twenty women – mostly high school cheerleader-types – and two men (don’t ask me why they were there). Thirty minutes into the class, the glass in the room was steaming up and we were slipping and sliding on the floor! (As if I needed the extra ‘help’!)

I made it through with the help of two friends and I felt good. I realize that I didn’t pop or tootsie roll like everyone else – okay, so I looked a little spastic – but I was moving and sweating and that has to count for something, right?

I enjoyed the class and think that once I get the hang of the moves, I’ll be able to keep up.

And on other news – my fit friend and I are almost up to jogging a full lap around the track! We’ve been walking most of our laps and jogging the last one. Our Y is set up with outside circuit training equipment and we use those as markers. We only have one more piece of equipment to make it past before we will have jogged the whole lap!


Until next time…

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9 thoughts on “Do You Zumba?

  1. People have been raving about Zumba, I think I’m gonna have to find a class. And, on a side note, I’m a black girl who lacks rhythm. LOL Hugs and have a good day.

  2. I’ve always wondered what Zumba is, there’s a
    nearby facility here. It looks so much fun!
    I’d probably be on the floor catching my breath
    after a few minutes. Wow, have fun doing it!
    I’m sure you’ll see results in no time!

    Great job! — @ImAHotMom

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