New Beginnings? Perhaps.

I have nine readers according to my RS feeder and if you haven’t given up on me, you are reading a blog post that is long overdue.

The Horizontal Yo-Yo looks a bit different this time around, doesn’t it? My pay-for WordPress account ran out and I figured I didn’t blog enough to warrant the cost – no matter how small.

Free-all-the-way WordPress it is.

How about an update?

I am still working as a parapro at our local middle school and I’m still in school in an attempt to get my BS in Education/Special Education. I’ve been taking educational courses for the past few terms which means my core classes are complete (yay!)

The scale has steadily gone up to the point where, at my highest, I was just 14 lbs away from my highest weight ever. I just couldn’t have that, so I decided that when summer came, I was going to work on myself.

This lasted just over two weeks. Then my dad came for a visit. We had a blast, but after he left, I just couldn’t find the gumption to get back on track. I wasn’t happy with my weight gain but I’d tell myself that I “didn’t look that bad” or that “TMB loves me just the way I am. Why change?” Why indeed.

I am just not happy with how my body looks. Period. I realize that during my journey, I’m going to have to come to terms with how my body looks because even at goal weight, my body will never be perfect. Then again, why should it? Who decides what perfect is? The fact that my body has gotten up every single day for the past 34 years and nourished me and taken care of me as best it could – despite what I fed it and how little I moved it – is perfect enough for me.

I’m letting go of perfection because perfection doesn’t exist this side of Heaven. Instead, I’m going to work little by little, every day, on making better choices for me and my body.

So, would you care to join me as I get on this wagon yet again? It won’t  be a perfect ride, but it’s bound to be an interesting one!

Until next time…


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  1. still here 😉


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