Movie Review: Imagine That!

During the summer, my city hosts a Kids Summer Movies program. When I first moved here six years ago, it was free. Now, admission is $1. A kid’s soda and popcorn are a $1.50 each (formerly a dollar each). I guess with the economy the way it is, everybody has to pad the cost some way, right? Last time we went, however, the person controlling the movie popped in a Blu-ray DVD. Interesting. I could have snagged a Redbox code, made homemade popcorn and skipped the soda for a fraction of the cost.

Today, the kids and I saw Imagine That! Eddie Murphy plays a financial executive whose biggest threat at work is an Indian colleague who puts on a show to wow clients. He’s also a single dad who can’t seem to connect with his six-year old daughter, Olivia, who uses a blanket to travel to an imaginary kingdom ruled by a queen and her three daughters. He discovers that the kingdom holds a very real magic than can help him further his career.

The movie is very much a classic kid-friendly Eddie Murphy. While he’s not as “raw” as he has been, certain “nutty” personalities present themselves in the movie.

Would I buy it on Blu-ray (currently, the only format we buy our DVDs)? The answer is now. However, for a flick that cost me $9 for admission plus snacks, it wasn’t half bad.

You can go here to read the review on – my go-to site for deciding if movies are too intense for my crew.

By the way, summer is coming to end for us in Georgia, however, you might still be able to get in on the cheap fun. Click here to research movie theaters in your area!


2 responses to this post.

  1. You my doll, get it. I loved your comment. Wow. Blown away. And when you say, “We deserve to be happy now.” Hell yeah! I still have this vision of me 40 pounds lighter not dancing at this party – it was at a fancy hotel, a place I’ll never go again but too self conscious to dance because of my arm fat. I feel so sad for that girl. I’m still a work in progress, don’t have it all figured out. But thank, you, thank you for your comment.


  2. Ira,

    Thanks for the review and the lead on site. I’ll use it with my family.



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