Cast & Crew


Iva (30s) – Wife.  Mom.  Turtle.  Author of this blog. Dynomite comes in small packages.  This 5 foot, 4 inch dynamo packs a punch.

The Man Beast (30s) – Husband.  Father.  Provider for all things great and good.  My right-hand man.  Knight in shining armor.  Offers a dose of reality when my reality check bounces.

The Boy (11) – Son. Big  Brother.  Next Gordon Ramsey.  Little Man Beast-in-training.  Provides hours of entertainment at a fraction of the cost!

Baby Gurl (7) – Daughter.  Little Sister.  Princess in hiking boots.  Little Iva-in-training.  Provides hours of drama at a fraction of the cost!


Bean Pole – Teen Brother-in-Law

Monster Mama – Teen Sister-in-Law

Jellybean – Monster Mama’s little Monster

Note:  I make it a point never to include anyone’s real name on my blog except my own.  Instead, I set up ‘real’ nicknames for my people.  (Yes, we really call our children Boy and Baby Gurl (always with an ‘u’ – we’re in the south, after all).  I find it protects their privacy and adds a bit of humor to my blog.


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